A hypnotic legacy, Phioro is a luxury fine jewellery house that transforms the depth of your story into unparalleled creations. Established by Dubai native Clare Pardoe, Phioro is renowned as one of the Middle East’s premier emerging luxury brands for seeking exceptional, bespoke & limited edition fine jewellery.

Guided by an ethos of fearless sophistication; the name Phioro is derived from the Greek symbol ‘phi’ which represents beauty, proportions & perfection alongside the Italian word for gold - ‘oro’.

The Designer
Clare is admired for her captivating designs, intended to represent a transcendental existence. Each intricately sculpted piece reflects a rich heritage in fine jewellery artistry marked by Clare’s modern and distinctive edge.

Drawn toward bold, striking, organic forms, accentuated by a select anthology of priceless materials and precious stones; Clare’s designs embody true works of art. Working with clients from around the world, her unique expertise enables her to personally connect with each client and deliver a piece that encapsulates their story.

Clare’s exquisite creations have been featured in editorials worldwide. Phioro designs have been embraced and worn by international starlets, including Katy Perry, Michelle Rodriguez, Yousra, Bushra, Lily Cole and Sarah Bolger.