Bridal FAQ

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How do I choose the perfect diamond?

There are 4 characteristics that a diamond is graded by, these are known as the 4C’s; carat, clarity, cut, colour. Phioro will guide and advise you to ensure you make the perfect choice for your budget. For more information on how to choose a diamond please click here.

How long will the bespoke design process take?

The design and production process can take between 6 to 10 weeks, however if you have a shorter deadline we can endeavour to accommodate your needs. Each piece needs time for concept development, design development on paper and in wax modelling. You are an integral part of this process, choosing your preferences at every stage.

How would you design and personalise an engagement ring for my loved one?

Clare will sit with you in a personal consultation and find out what your personal message or story is. She will ask questions about yourself, your loved one and how you two work together. From this information, she will then develop a concept which inspires the development of the design and incorporates the messages within it.

We also ask for photos of your loved one so that we can see their style and design a piece that will suit them in every way, inside and out.

How would you design and personalise our wedding rings?

Using your story as inspiration, Clare can incorporate certain personalised elements within your design. We can design a ring that fits exactly around the engagement ring, and we offer an engraving service to record your special message or wedding date inside the ring.

How much does a bespoke design cost?

Our designs are tailored to meet your personal budget. Your diamond selection, the intricacy of the design and the complexity of how it is created will all affect the final cost. Our custom designed solitaire engagement rings start from $5,000 and can reach upwards of $30,000.

What steps do you go through to reach the final piece?

Process Itinerary

1) Meeting or email conversation to establish initial concept and ideas.

2) Presentation of initial ideas and estimated price* to client

3) Confirmation of final design from client, deposit paid (if paid by cheque this must clear before commencement of design production) and Terms and Conditions signed.

4) Modelling process - wax models made (this can take up to 1½ weeks)

5) a) Confirmation of wax model and final design, either in person or via email.

b) Discussion of any possible changes.

6) Production of piece

7) Delivery of your personal piece(s) and final payment. Time frames may vary depending on times of the year due to several factors such as amendments, availability of materials, public holidays, and delivery address. An estimated time frame of delivery will be given upon receipt of deposit.

Phioro loves to deliver you a unique piece that will encapsulate your very essence, and we hope that the final design goes above and beyond your expectations.

Please Note:

*Estimated Price: This is not a quotation, it serves as a guideline and prices may fluctuate depending on material prices and additions or amendments to the design not included in the initial estimation. However, this estimate aims to be as accurate as possible.

Quality assurances & certificate of authentication

We are extremely strict with our quality control; every piece is meticulously created by our artisans and stringently checked by our designer, Clare Pardoe. With every piece we endeavour to find you the best quality stones with the best quality gold/palladium/platinum according to your requests. With the larger precious stones and diamonds we provide you with a certificate of authentication for insurance purposes.