• "Thank you so much for the absolutely stunning engagement ring. From the very beginning I could tell choosing to go with Clare at Phioro was the right decision. So often engagement rings are 'nice' but there is nothing unique or personal about them. With Clare's touch this was not the case. Clare really wanted to understand our relationship and use this to apply elements to the ring that would make it perfect for us. I knew the final piece would be something special, but it exceeded all expectations. The finished product was better than I could have imagined and I know it will be something that both my partner and I cherish forever." Anonymous
  • "I was first introduced to Phioro during its launch in 2010, and even since i have been following the new designs and pieces with great excitement. Every design is unique, and elegant. I get to be apart of that journey, as I have recently received earrings as a gift. Keep up the good work Phioro. Looking forward to the next collection." Rawiya Shihabi
  • "The eloquent, intricate, delicate designs that met all my taste demands are probably not enough to compliment Phioro. I recently purchased a Water Lily pearl pendant as a Christmas gift for my mom, and not before long, lo and behold I was back for more jewellary. The designs are captivating, enchanting and I needed and wanted to have it all.  Not to mention the impeccable service, who can ask for more?" One very satisfied customer
  • "I've been exceptionally lucky to receive two Phioro pieces as gifts from my boyfriend. A beautiful necklace and earrings. Each piece had been crafted to represent our time together and the delicate side of my personality. After that, I was hooked! I decided to commission Phioro to design something special for our 3rd anniversary. Chess is a favourite hobby of ours and therefore we thought of designing an exclusive chess piece. Delicately sculpted to spell out the word "King" in Arabic, the inscription on the base reads "everlasting love." My boyfriend and I have now decided to create a new chess piece every year until we complete the set! Phioro not only inspires you with ideas and suggestions on how to make that one off piece unique, but delivers it in a professional and efficient way - keeping you up to date with developments and exceeding expectations. I wouldn't buy my jewellery anywhere else, I look forward to commissioning my next piece, keep up the great work Phioro!" Laura Parry
  • "Elegant, timeless pieces, absolutely fantastic workmanship, friendly, approachable and above all unparalleled execution - Phioro is the only place we buy now." Adrian Tiwari
  • "I was first drawn to a Phioro piece worn by its designer, Clare Pardoe. A stunning, delicate and totally original design that I could not stop thinking about, it was like a fine painting that draws you in and plays with the imagination, it leads you to a beautiful place, either one of serenity or of total fantasy.  When purchasing the piece I was then kept informed of the whole design process which was both educational and exciting.  The Phioro brand is one that I will continue to follow with anticipation; each piece has a story to tell, one that certainly captivates its audience!" Tanya Viner
  • "For my birthday I received the most beautiful gift ever, a unique pair of earrings by Phioro. The earrings were custom made by Clare, in close communication with my boyfriend; apparently as I was told after receiving the gift a whole process of Clare getting to know me and my character took place prior the development of the pieces. It's unbelievable how the design reflects my personality- they match perfect and I wear them like they're a part of me. I could not think of any other gift that is more suitable than a commissioned gift by Phioro!" Marloes Winnubst
  • "Since moving to Dubai the one thing I've missed the most is my beautiful family. I wanted to find something that was personal and reminded them of our special bond. Clare was quick to conceptualize and craft the perfect cocktail of elements that exude each of my family's very unique sparkle. Clare's irrefutable knowledge, eye for newfangled glamour and personal approach created the most wonderful pieces that really resonated that sparkle. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Phioro Jewellery; Clare's relentless energy and warmth that keeps her glowing all year round comes through in her work, never short of a witty quip, a total hoot, and a true jewel."Paul Lee