Are GREY diamonds real diamonds?

Grey (sometimes spelled “gray”) diamonds are one of the rarer colors of diamonds– much more rare than yellow and blue diamonds. Traditionally, the rarity of the diamond is reflected in its cost. However, while grey diamonds are rare, they are not yet as sought after as more common colored diamonds.

Are gray diamonds more expensive?

Gray diamonds are very rare. Because of their rarity, many people assume that gray diamonds are much more expensive. … demand, gray diamonds are often priced closer to the more common clear (colorless) diamonds than rarer-colored stones.

Are GREY diamonds natural?

FANCY GREY DIAMOND: Natural Fancy Grey diamonds are extremely rare and can have high clarity (absence of imperfections/inclusions). The colours vary in intensity and they come in the following intensity levels: Faint Grey, Very Light Grey, Light Grey, Fancy Light Grey, Fancy Grey and Fancy Dark Grey.

What makes a diamond look GREY?

About the Gray Diamond Color

Most of the gray colored diamonds get their color due to high concentration of hydrogen and in rare occasion’s boron like blue diamonds.

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Do GREY diamonds sparkle?

Grey diamonds are a little piece of magic, with a sparkle of inclusions and colours that makes each one completely unique. … A grey diamond is the perfect alternative to a classic diamond in an engagement or heirloom ring.

What is the best diamond color?

In general, the highest quality diamonds are totally colorless, whereas lower quality diamonds can often have a slight yellow tint. Diamond color is measured using Gemological Institute of America, or GIA color scale which goes from D (colorless) all the way to Z (light yellow or brown in color).

Can you see yellow in an I color diamond?

As we covered in our guide to diamond color, I color diamonds fit into the “near colorless” range of the GIA’s color scale. This means that while an I color diamond looks virtually colorless to the naked eye, it may display some hints of yellow coloration when viewed in a lab setting.

How much is a gray diamond?

$4,000-$6,000 – 1.00-1.50ct Gray Diamond. $7,500-$10,000 – 2.00 carat Gray Diamond.

What is a rainbow diamond?

“Rainbow diamonds” is a commercial name used for synthetic rutile (or titanium dioxide), a diamond stimulant introduced in 1948 and popularized for some of its gemmological properties, which were close to those of natural diamonds. … These features make rainbow diamonds look more brilliant when cut.

What color diamonds are available?

Natural Diamonds Come in All Different Colors

From red to purple and everything in between, the 27 color hues distinguish between specific colors like reddish-orange and orangish-red. Added to these rainbow colors are shades of white, gray, black, pink, and brown.

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What is the rarest color of diamonds?

In diamonds, rarity equals value. With diamonds in the normal range, value is based on the absence of color, because colorless diamonds are the rarest. With fancy color diamonds—the ones outside the normal color range—the rarest and most valuable colors are saturated pinks, blues, and greens.

How can you tell real diamonds from eyes?

A sparkle test is quick and easy to do since all you need are your eyes. Simply hold your diamond under a normal lamp and observe the bright shimmers of light bouncing off the diamond. A real diamond provides an exceptional sparkle since it reflects white light extremely well.

Are GREY Diamonds good?

Grey diamonds are often priced closer to the more common clear (colorless) diamonds than rarer colored stones (like yellow diamonds). For couples interested in a colored diamond, grey diamonds may offer the best value.

Are salt and pepper diamonds worth anything?

Quite the opposite! Salt and pepper diamonds are still diamonds, afterall, and diamonds are incredibly rare and valuable. But for price-conscious couples, because a diamond with minimal or no inclusions is so rare, salt and pepper diamonds are typically less expensive than a highly sought after flawless white diamond.

What does GREY Diamond mean?

The meaning of gray diamonds is individuality and an ability to transcend conventional thinking and uncover something new. In diamonds, gray often occurs in combination with other colors. Some of the most famous blue diamonds are actually a grayish blue, including the fancy dark grayish blue Hope Diamond.

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