Are jewel oscos only in Illinois?

Type Subsidiary

Is Illinois the only state with a Jewel Osco?

How many Jewel Osco locations are there in the United States in 2021? There are 188 Jewel Osco locations in the United States as of July 06, 2021. The state with the most number of Jewel Osco locations in the US is Illinois, with 183 locations, which is 97% of all Jewel Osco locations in America.

How many locations does Jewel Osco have?


How many Jewel Osco’s are there in the United States?

How Many Jewel Osco Locations are there in the US? There are a total of 188 Jewel Osco Locations in the United States.

How many Jewel stores are in Chicago?

37 Jewel-Osco Locations in. Chicago.

Does Jewel Osco have senior discount?

No, Jewel Osco does not offer senior discounts.

Can you still buy Ipass at Jewel?

Customers can visit any Jewel-Osco, Road Ranger or I-PASS Customer Service Center to pick up their I-PASS today! All transponders require activation, which can be done online or at any Illinois Tollway service location.

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Does Kroger own jewel?

The largest subsidiary of Cincinnati-based Kroger, it is the oldest such chain west of the Mississippi River. Kroger also operates stores under the Food 4 Less and Foods Co.


The Ralphs logo in the 1980s
A Ralphs Marketplace in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, California (Store #703-00127)
Type Subsidiary
Industry Retail

Is Trader Joe’s cheaper than Jewel-Osco?

Overall, Trader Joe’s prices were about the same as the average prices we found at surveyed area stores. Its prices were about seven percent lower than Jewel-Osco’s. … For meat, Trader Joe’s prices were about 10 percent higher than average.

Who is Kroger owned by?

In 1998, Kroger merged with the then fifth-largest grocery company Fred Meyer, along with its subsidiaries, Ralphs, QFC, and Smith’s.

Is the Jewel Tea Company still in business?

In 1930, The Jewel Tea Company moved its operations from Chicago to Barrington, Illinois. The company sold household products through salesmen traveling the country until 1981. … The Jewel Home Shopping Service was phased out of the Jewel Companies in 1981.

How does Jewel pickup work?

Simply park your vehicle in a designated DriveUp & Go™ parking spot and call the phone number on the designated sign. A Jewel-Osco Associate will bring your groceries to your car and load them on your behalf.

Does Apple pay jewel?

Chicagoland’s largest grocery chain will now let you pay for your items with your iPhone. Jewel-Osco announced Tuesday that it has begun accepting Apple Pay, the one-touch payment method available on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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How many jewels are in Illinois?

183 Jewel-Osco Locations in. Illinois.

Is Jewel-Osco owned by Safeway?

Albertsons Companies is a leading food and drug retailer that operates stores across 34 states and the District of Columbia with more than 20 well-known banners including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, Acme, Tom Thumb, Randalls, United Supermarkets, Pavilions, Star Market, Haggen, Carrs, Kings Food …

What are Jewel-Osco hours?

Store Hours

Day of the Week Hours
Saturday 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Sunday 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Monday 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday 6:00 AM – 12:00 AM
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