Best answer: Can followers wear legendary gems?

Gems will only drop at character level 70, but have no level requirement and can be used by any character on that account. Legendary Gems can be equipped by a follower, but have no effect.

Do Legendary Items work on followers?

Legendary Item Effects

Your followers have the added bonus of taking advantage of any Legendary effects on gear that they have equipped. Unity, Ess of Johan, The Furnace, and Maximus are just two of the items that can be very beneficial for your follower to have equipped.

Can followers use gems?

Yes. Items equipped on your followers do benefit from socketed gems. The wiki entry on followers doesn’t go into detail, but followers do benefit from equipment and gems just like your character does.

What gems work on followers?

Leoric’s Crown works on Followers.

  • Templar.
  • Scoundrel.
  • Enchantress.


Does augmenting destroy legendary gem?

What happens with legendary gem after augmenting ancient item? It is consumed and no longer usable. It will be destroyed forever.

Do followers get legendary bonuses?

Followers. Followers do not benefit from set bonuses and Legendary Gems.

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Do followers get set bonuses?

Followers benefit from set bonuses but not from Legendary Gems. Most stats are effective on followers, such as elemental damage bonus, cooldown reduction, Area Damage, bonus vs. elites etc.

What is the highest legendary gem level in Diablo 3?

The max gem rank is 200, far beyond the highest Greater Rift Clear.

What are the best legendary gems in Diablo 3?

[Top 10] Diablo 3 Best Legendary Gems

  • Bane of the Powerful. “Few things embolden the spirit like a powerful enemy lying dead at your feet.” -Andomiel Chu, Master Gem Cutter of Xiansai. …
  • Gem of Efficacious Toxin. …
  • Gogok of Swiftness. …
  • Pain Enhancer. …
  • Gem of Ease. …
  • Taeguk. …
  • Zei’s Stone of Vengeance. …
  • Bane of the Stricken.


Can you use 2 gem ease?

2) You cannot have more than one of a legendary gem equipped at the same time. 3) You can absolutely have two 1h weapons equipped (if class permits), both of which can have sockets and gems in those sockets.

What is the best weapon for enchantress Diablo 3?

I’ve always used The Tormenter staff, which has a chance to charm on hit, and the Overwhelming Desire amulet, which increases damage on charmed enemies by 35%.

Does Oculus ring work on follower?

Oculus Ring is pretty much a staple for followers.

Can reforging a legendary make it ancient?

Sacrificing great quantities of magical ingredients, the Horadric incantation known as the Law of Kulle allows you to reforge any Legendary or Set item. This process will grant your item different attributes, and may transform it into an Ancient or Primal Ancient version of the same item.

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Does augment ancient item consume the legendary gem?

Augment ancient items when needed

The legendary gem you use for augmentations does not impact the final result. The only thing to take into account is the level of the legendary gem used, as each level will add 5 points to the main stat added to the final item.

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