Best answer: How do I register an OEM GeM?

How do I register an OEM GeM portal?

Process of registering the entity on GeM is as follows Creation of Primary User

  1. Enter the website
  2. Select Sign up option on the screen and select Seller.
  3. System will open the terms and conditions option on a new screen. …
  4. Select the type of Organisation and enter the name of the Organisation.

How do I register for OEM?

ORDER Subject: Guidelines for registration of OEMs and New model(s) under FAME India Scheme – regarding. Famworo Application for manufacturer registration in Annexure-1; Company Registration Certificate; Trade License; Excise Registration Certificate (GST); Sales Tax/VAT Registration Certificate (GST); PAN Card TIN No.

How do I upload OEM items to GeM?


  1. To Upload a Product as an OEM, Sellers should either complete the Vendor Assessment or apply for exemption from Vendor Assessment.
  2. After completing this formality in User Credential, they will be provided ‘OEM Dashboard’

What is OEM authorization certificate in GeM?

After concerns on the authenticity of products being sold via the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) rose, the new Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) will ensure vendor verification.

Is OEM original or fake?

An OEM refers to something made specifically for the original product, while the aftermarket refers to equipment made by another company that a consumer may use as a replacement.

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What is OEM authorization?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer; when a shop receives an OEM Authorization Certificate, it means that the auto body shop has been recognized by manufacturers as working within their repair parameters. … It also means that all the technicians are fully trained in all aspects of OEM procedures.

Is vendor assessment compulsory in GeM?

Vendor Assessment is mandatory for certain sellers in Government e-Marketplace (GeM). … Sellers are required to apply for Vendor Assessment for evaluating the credentials and quality standards. After Vendor Assessment, sellers can list their brand on the GeM portal.

How do I load a GeM portal service?

Given below are some tips to upload images on GeM login:

  1. Upload only the genuine image of the product. …
  2. Maximum Image size: 300KB.
  3. Acceptable file format: jpg or png.
  4. 3 images are needed, center-aligned. …
  5. Product image must fulfil the technical criteria.
  6. No Product description, certification are allowed.


How can a GeM portal be used as a seller?

How do I sell on GeM?

  1. To sell on GeM, Register yourself on the GeM portal.
  2. List your products under specific product categories.
  3. Once an order is received, deliver the product to the Consignee duly entering its details on the portal.

Who can be buyer on GeM?

According to the provisions of Rule 149 (ii) of GFR, 2017, GeM shall be utilized by Government buyers for direct on-line purchases above Rs. 50,000/‐ and up to Rs. 30,00,000/- however such purchase has to be through the Seller having the lowest price (L-1) amongst the available Sellers on the GeM.

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