Best answer: How does Mathilde react to the necklace being fake?

She had to be angry with herself and feel very stupid for her careless oversight which cost her so many years of her life and so many hard times.

When Madame Forestier reveals that the necklace was fake how did you respond to this surprise twist in the story?

She admits that the necklace was not genuine. The story takes on a twist and ends ironically. The reader is as saddened to hear the truth as Madame Forestier is having to reveal the truth. The fake necklace represents the fake life that Madame Loisel presented at the ball.

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Why does Mathilde react the way she does the necklace?

Why does Mathilde react the way that she does? Her friend has the kind of life that Mathilde wishes she had and feels she deserves. What strengths do Mathilde and her husband, respectively, bring to their marriage? They are both determined to pay off their debt.

How does Matilda’s life change after she tells a lie about the necklace?

Mathilde’s life took a change for the worst after the loss of the necklace. Namely, because instead of swallowing her pride, owning to this fact and confess to her friend, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Would you blame Madame Forestier for not telling the necklace Lent was fake?

Madame Forester did not tell Mathilde the necklace was a fake because she wanted her to feel good about herself, thinking she was wearing a real diamond necklace. … Notice first that Madame Forester does not pick the necklace out. She offers for Mathilde to take a look, and she does not like what she sees.

What is the main message of the necklace?

The main themes in “The Necklace” are greed, deceptive appearances, and beauty and vanity. Greed: Mathilde Loisel’s overwhelming desire to live a life of luxury blinds her to the comforts she already possesses and ultimately leads to her losing what wealth and status she initially has.

What is the moral of the story the necklace?

The moral of the story “The Necklace” is to be satisfied with what one has. In the story, Mathilde is not happy with anything.

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How does Mathilde want to live her life?

Mathilde Loisel wants to be a glamour girl. She’s obsessed with fancy, beautiful, expensive things, and the life that accompanies them. Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t born into a family with the money to make her dream possible.

What does Mathilde Loisel look like?

Loisel looked old now. She had become the strong, hard, and rude woman of poor households. Her hair was unkempt, with uneven skirts and rough re hands, she spoke loudly, washed floors with large buckets of water….

Why is Madame Loisel unhappy with her life at the beginning of the story?

Madame Loisel is unhappy with her life because she was born poor when she feels as if she should have been rich. Madame Loisel is a middle class woman, who for some reason feels that she should have been a wealthy woman. She was born “as if by a slip of fate” into a family of clerks instead of the upper society.

Why was Matilda always unhappy?

Matilda was always unhappy in her early married life because she was born in a family of clerks which seemed to be an error of destiny. She had high aspirations. She felt grieved at her miserable condition. She thought that she was born for all delicacies and luxuries of the world.

Why did her husband hope that she would become happy?

Answer: (a) He hoped that his wife would be happy on seeing the invitation to party from Minister of Public Instructions. (b) She got angry and threw the invitation card on table.

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Why was Mme Loisel shocked at the end of the story?

The ending of this story is Madame Loisel was shock because the Necklace that she lend is only imitation. She was regretted because she did not to ask apologize from Madame Forestier. Madame Loisel also accepting that all happened to her.

How did the Loisels pay off the debt?

The Loisels had to buy a diamond necklace for thirty-six thousand francs to replace the one that was lost. Matilda had to cut down on the household expenses and save money while Mr Loisel worked overtime and did copying work at nights. In this way, they could repay the money in ten years.

Who is Mme Forestier What kind of woman is she?

Madame Forestier is a wealthy friend of the main character, Mathilde Loisel. In fact, being rich is Madame Forestier’s main character trait.

What is the role of Madame Forestier in the story necklace?

Madame Forestier

Mathilde’s wealthy friend. Madame Forestier treats Mathilde kindly, but Mathilde is bitterly jealous of Madame Forestier’s wealth, and the kindness pains her. Madame Forestier lends Mathilde the necklace for the party and does not inspect it when Mathilde returns it.

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