Can I link my gems of war accounts?

Due to legal and platform restrictions, you can’t play the same game between console/Switch and other platforms. If you can’t see your password or an “Account” option in Settings, this is because Gems of War does not support account linking between your console and other devices.

How do I transfer my gems of war account?

Link an account to a new device

  1. Install a new version of the game and then click the LINK button, OR, from within the game select Settings > Account > Link to another account > Forgot your password?
  2. Enter your email address and password.


Is Gems of war cross platform?

Unfortunately, cross-play and cross-progression are not possible between our platforms, aside from PC and mobile. This is due to legal issues and platform restrictions.

How do I recover my gems of war account?

Selecting Account > Recover Account > Forgot your password? icon in the Settings menu from the World Map. Next, the on-screen instructions to input the email you previously verified with Gems of War. When complete, you should be given an option to link your old Hero and recover the account.

How do you save on gems of war?

To save your game in Gems of War and play the account on another mobile or computer you can register your account. Registering your account with Gems of War also means you can recover it if it is lost and you returned to level 1.

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Is Gems of War 2 player?

Although Gems of War offers a vast quantity of single-player content, the real fun comes from its asynchronous multiplayer battles. Just choose to Invade and the game will match you against another player’s team.

How do I reset my gems of war on ps4?

Delete Gems of War from Save Game Data

  1. Ensure you are logged into your PSN Account.
  2. Close Gems of War completely.
  3. Go to Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Delete.
  4. Select Gems of War.
  5. Select All save data for Gems of War.
  6. Select Delete and then select OK to confirm your decision.

Can I play Gems of war on my phone?

You can play the same Gems of War game account on mobile and PC. However, you’ll have to start a new game if you are playing on console and want to play on Steam or mobile as well. TIP: Playing on Steam/mobile? Check out this article to link your account between devices.

How do I restart my gems of war?

To start a new game account on Steam, open Gems of War. Whilst the game is loading, press and hold shift + 6 until the text “Are you sure you want to delete your account from this device?” appears. Select Yes. Deleting your account or game will only delete the game that is stored on your computer.

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