Can I use GCash to buy diamonds in mobile legends?

Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds using Globe load or GCash in seconds! Just enter your ML user ID, select the value of Diamonds you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the Diamonds will be added immediately to your ML account.

How do you buy diamonds in GCash mobile legends?

How can I buy in Diamonds in Codashop using GCash?

  1. Enter your ML User ID.
  2. Select 56 Diamonds.
  3. Then you select GCash as payment option.
  4. Click Buy Now.
  5. Confirm the payment.
  6. Continue on to the GCash payment page.
  7. Once in here, you need to input your mobile no, OTP, MPIN before confirming the payment.
  8. Payment done.


Can I use GCash for mobile Legends?

Buying Diamonds online is very simple, and there’s no credit card required. If you have a GCash account, you can actually use your digital wallet to buy Mobile Legends Diamonds. There are many ways to purchase using your GCash account, but here we show you the two easiest ways to buy Diamonds using your GCash wallet.

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How do I buy MLBB diamonds?

Input your Mobile Legend’s user ID. Select the amount of diamonds you want to purchase. Select the payment method that is most convenient for you. Click on the “Buy Now” button to complete the transaction.

Is it worth buying diamonds in mobile legends?

Is it worth buying diamonds in Mobile Legends? Definitely no. But the diamond’s price itself are actually not that expensive but the cost to get higher quality skin in game made it pretty expensive. Especially the limited time exclusive skins COLLECTOR and LEGENDARY skins.

Is Codashop safe?

While we guarantee your safety when transacting at Codashop, we also want to emphasize on being more vigilant whenever you go online. Fraudsters can strike anytime to try and get their hands on your personal information. Effectively identifying potential risks will help you avoid any problems.

Where can I buy recalled ML?

How to Buy Recall Effect Mobile Legends

  • To buy a recall effect, first, please enter the Mobile Legends game first.
  • After finishing entering the lobby, then please go to the shop menu to buy the recall effect.
  • On the shop menu, you can see various variants of the existing bundle.


How do you send diamonds in ML?

To do this, you need to open up their stream by clicking on ‘Watch stream’ on their profile. Click on the pink packed item below the love symbol on the right side. Once this opens, you can choose from several gift options to send diamonds to your friend.

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How do I use Razer gold in ML?

From the list of games, search MOBILE LEGENDS. Enter your Mobile Legends’ USER ID. Then, select USE RAZER GOLD PIN. Enter Serial and PIN to complete transaction.

Can I transfer my load to GCash?

At the moment, the only way for you to convert load to GCash balance is to sell your load to other users and use the money to cash in to your GCash account.

How do I sell my ML diamond?

You cannot. There is no secure mechanism by which you can sell your personal diamonds within the game. In fact, you are forbidden from trying to do this very thing. You cannot give or sell the diamonds you already own to another player.

How can I buy MLBB diamonds in India?

How To Buy MLBB Diamonds In India With SEAGM

  1. Head to SEAGM’s store page, (link will directly bring you to the Razer Pin section)
  2. Log into your SEAGM account set your appropriate region. …
  3. Search “Razer Pin Malaysia” and choose your desired amount.


Where can I use promo diamonds?

Where can you use the promo diamond? – You can use promo diamond when you purchase emote bundles and emotes as discount diamonds. – Can be used when you are buying skins and hero as discount diamonds. – Can be used when you are buying emblem packs, daily crystal of aurora pack and magic chess commanders and skin.

How can I get free diamonds in ML?

This is the most viable way to get free Mobile Legends diamonds. Lucky Spin: in the ‘Draw’ section of the shop you can participate in the Lucky Spin, which earns you skins, but more importantly, Lucky Gem fragments that you can use to redeem a skin or a hero from the Lucky Shop, which is a good way of saving diamonds.

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How can I get free diamonds?

Methods players can use to obtain Free Fire diamonds at no cost

  1. Google Opinion Rewards (Image via Google Play Store)
  2. Events regularly run on Booyah!
  3. Swagbucks is one of the most popular GPT websites (Image via Swagbucks)


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