Can you walk from Sapphire Beach to Red Hook?

Yes, you CAN walk it but it’s HIGHLY inadvisable to do so. It will cost you all of $5 per person to taxi into Red Hook where your options are Moe’s Market (very expensive) and – further on – Food Center supermarket which is also pricey.

How far is Red Hook from Sapphire Beach?

The distance between Sapphire Beach and Red Hook, St Thomas is 11 km. The road distance is 14.1 km.

Can you walk from Sapphire Beach to Coki Beach?

The distance bewteen Sapphire Beach and Coki Beach is about 2.2 – 2.5 miles. Its relatively flat, some inclines close to Sapphire. There may be a few spots with sidewalks but for the most part there aren’t. Yes the area just before Coki is a bit seedy.

How far is Sapphire Beach from cruise port?

Beautiful beach about 30 minutes from cruise port.

How far is Sapphire Beach from airport?

Good to know

Value for money 6.2
Distance to city center 5.3 mi
Location rating 8.8
Nearest Airport Saint Thomas Island Cyril E King
Distance to airport 8.1 mi
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Does Sapphire Beach have waves?

Sapphire Beach is well protected by the outlying islands and shallow reef so waves of any consequence are rare. There’s chop and sometimes visibility is impaired but like Bluewater I’ve never been prohibited from taking a snorkel.

What is the best beach in St Thomas?

10 Best St. Thomas Beaches for Cruise Visitors

  1. Magen’s Bay. Hailed as the most beautiful beach in St. …
  2. Coki Beach. Another popular beach in St. …
  3. Sapphire Beach. Sapphire Beach just as the name suggests is a gorgeous beach with stunning shades of blue water. …
  4. Hull Bay. …
  5. Lindquist Beach. …
  6. Lindberg Bay. …
  7. Brewers Bay. …
  8. Secret Harbour.

How do I get to Little Magens Beach?

To access the little beach you must start at Magens Bay. Facing the water at Magens Bay, head right along the beach until you get to the end of the beach and then walk along the rocky shoreline. Little Magens is a pretty beach and is often sparsely populated.

How do I get from port to Magens Bay?

You’ve really got three ways to get from the St Thomas cruise port to Magens Bay: expensive private excursion, hiring a taxi, or renting a car and driving yourself. The taxi fare from the cruise port to Magens Bay is between $10-$15 per person. Taxis are not private taxis–they are more like big, open-top buses.

Is Sapphire Beach in St Thomas good?

Sapphire is a great beach for relaxing and for enjoying water sports. A shallow rocky ledge and reefs on the right side offer good snorkeling. Food and drinks are available from a a small open air grill, drink vendor and from the nearby condo restaurant.

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How long is Sapphire Beach?

This 3 km long string of beaches is afforded moderate protection and is usually free of rips. However deep water and reefs lie off some of the beaches and higher waves generate a heavy shorebreak.

Is there Uber on St Thomas?

Thomas does not have Uber or Lyft. However, there are numerous Taxi Associations and private drivers on St. Thomas.

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