Do you get gems from Infinite mode All Star Tower Defense?

You do NOT get gems from this.

How many gems do you get from Infinite mode?

The game will continue until one player’s base is destroyed.It is basically a harder version of infinite mode because the enemies is way faster and tankier. For every 10 waves you gain 15 gems. There is also a separated ranking system for PvP.

Game Modes.

Chance 10% 90%

What is the fastest way to get gems in All Star Tower Defense?

Make sure you complete your Daily Tasks. You can find them by hitting the Tasks button on the left of the screen, then going into the Daily Tasks section. These tend to be easy, fast, quests that you can complete to earn some Gems.

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How do you get gems in All Star Tower Defense?

Daily tasks are available every day when you first login to All Star Tower Defense. To find them, simply launch the game and click the Tasks button on the left of the screen.

Complete Daily Tasks

  1. Reach Level 2 (15 Gems)
  2. Deal 28,000 Damage (15 Gems)
  3. Evolve 0/5 Unit (40 Gems)


What do you get from trial mode in All Star Tower Defense?

Trials are special missions inside of All Star Tower Defense that require the player to be of a certain level. When completed, each trial/raid rewards the player with a 5-star unit.

What does extreme mode do ASTD?

Extreme Mode – A harder version that gives boosts your Exp and Gold gain by 3x, in this mode enemies have more health, and are much harder to beat.

What is the strongest unit in All Star Tower Defense?

Broly is the fastest and strongest character in All Star Tower Defense.

What is the fastest way to level up in All Star Tower Defense?

The fastest way to level up characters in All Star Tower Defense is to farm a lot of EXP characters and use them as fodder to feed the character you wish to level up. There are three EXP characters, EXP I (3-star), EXP II (4-star), and EXP III 5-star).

What is the best unit in All Star Tower Defense?

Good Substitute Units for Story Modes around lvls 1 to 30.

  • Ikki (Mask) / Ichigo (Mask) – (Ground, AoE Full)
  • Supreme-Leader (Final Form) Frieza (Final Form) – (Hill, AoE Cone)
  • Blossom / Sakura – (Ground, AoE Cone)
  • Ginbei / Jinbei – (Ground, AoE Full)
  • Hirito / Kirito – (Ground, AoE Cone)
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What do coins do in All Star Tower Defense?

Coins and gems are used to summon new towers like Koku or Zaruto, which can be used in missions.

How do you get free gems and coins in All Star Tower Defense?

Overview. In the Time Chamber, you can get free gems and coins every 500 seconds (With a x2 boost for Premium and VIP members.) When you click “Claim Rewards”, it teleports you back into the lobby and gives you the gems and coins. If you leave or disconnect without pressing “Claim Rewards”, the gems and coins will save …

What does Bomba orb do in ASTD?

Fire Rage Orb and Bomba Orb can be used on Erwin to increase his damage buffing percentage. The limit of 200% is still in place, however.

How do you beat infinite mode in All Star Tower Defense?

Start the game using Bulma, you’ll take some easily avoidable damage but it’ll be fine in the end. Place Onwin however you’d like, but make sure to have Gate, Kura, and Meta-Knight in his range. But, you have no air units so placing Meta is VERY important.

What does whis do in all star?

Overview. Wish (formerly known as Whis) is a 5-star support and hill unit introduced in Dragon Ball Super as the guardian angel of the seventh universe Destroyer Beerus. Wish raises the HP of the player’s base and gives a small amount of money to the owner. The base HP can be raised above the starting amount.

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