How do I choose an emerald cut?

What should I look for in emerald cut?

Clarity Grade

Emerald cut diamonds don’t conceal imperfections well due to their long, open facets, so clarity (or lack of inclusions) is important. We recommend an eye-clean VVS1 clarity grade or higher.

Are emerald cuts more expensive?

Are Emerald Cuts More Expensive? The simple answer is no. An engagement ring with an emerald cut will be cheaper than an engagement ring with a round diamond (and cheaper than most other shapes). Emerald cuts are cheaper per carat than most cuts, and are significantly cheaper than round diamonds.

Is color or clarity more important in an emerald cut diamond?

Quality is extremely important when shopping for an emerald cut diamond engagement ring. One downside to this diamond cut is that emerald diamonds reveal clarity inclusions more than other cuts do. Therefore, imperfections are easier to see. This is due to the long step cuts that an emerald diamond consists of.

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What is the best setting for emerald cut diamond?

Here are a few of the most eye-catching iterations of emerald cut diamond settings that are particularly ideal for an engagement ring:

  • Solitaire Setting. …
  • Pave Setting. …
  • Three Stone Setting. …
  • Baguette Stones. …
  • East West Setting. …
  • Halo Setting. …
  • Bezel. …
  • Statement Prongs.


What does an emerald cut diamond say about you?

Emerald shape diamonds have long facets & layered corners that resemble stairs and, like its wearer, is strong and bold. This stone shape is for the woman who enjoys flashy and exuberant fashion. An emerald shape will highlight clarity better than any of the other shapes.

What diamond cut looks biggest?

Which diamond shape looks biggest? “In terms of shape, round diamonds look larger for their carat weight than many other cuts,” Kwiat says. “The circular cut is not as deep, so much of the weight is reflected in its size appearance.”

What is the cheapest diamond cut?

The cheapest diamond cuts that you can purchase are the Asscher diamond cut and the Emerald diamond cut. Asscher shapes and Emerald shapes are cheaper is because of two factors. When cutting the rough diamond, they lose more weight.

How much does a 1 carat emerald cost?

1 carat of low-grade emerald can cost as little as $200, while 1 carat of a high-quality gem can fetch up to $18,000. Synthetic emeralds are much cheaper, with even the highest quality costing around $350 for 1 carat.

How big is a 1 carat emerald?

The face-up size of this 1 carat Emerald (6.68×4.95×3.22mm) is within the normal range for 1ct diamonds of this shape.

1 carat Emerald reference diamond.

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Calculated values:
Length: 6.68 mm
Width: 4.95 mm
Depth: 3.22 mm
*Est. face-up area: 31.41 mm²

Why is emerald cut more expensive?

Emerald and Asscher cuts can be even cheaper than fancy shapes, because they have step cuts, or facets that look like a bit like a staircase. They’re simpler in design, use more of the rough diamond and require less precision cutting work, all of which result in cost savings for you.

Do emerald diamonds look smaller?

Just as some diamond shapes look larger per carat, others look smaller per carat. … Round diamonds look smaller per carat than marquise, pear, oval, and emerald diamonds. Then, they also tend to be much more expensive.

How much does a 2 carat emerald cut diamond cost?

This 2.02 carat, VVS2 clarity, H color emerald cut diamond costs $13,970, making it significantly less expensive than a round diamond of the same quality and carat weight.

Is Emerald a good engagement ring?

Those who love a natural green look and who will treat their Emerald with care! Emeralds are a lovely engagement ring choice for lovers of green and gardening. They are best for people who don’t mind removing their jewelry when being active.

How big is a 2 carat emerald diamond?

Diamond details

Shape: Emerald
Weight: 2 carat
Price: check here »
L×W×D: 8.33 × 6.48 × 4.35 mm
Depth: 67.1% → OK

What is the difference between emerald cut and baguette?

People often note the similarity between emerald and baguette diamonds. The difference is that while an emerald cut diamond has cut corners, baguettes have unbeveled, angled corners, resulting in a rectangular shape.

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