How do I get to Emerald Lake from the field?

Emerald Lake is easily accessible from Field by a 10-minute car ride, or by biking or cross-country skiing along the Tally Ho trail, depending on the season. Be sure to make a stop at the Natural Bridge viewpoint on the way! View Parks Canada’s Yoho National Park Trail Map in PDF format.

Where can you find this emerald lake?

Emerald Lake is located in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada. It is the largest of Yoho’s 61 lakes and ponds, as well as one of the park’s premier tourist attractions.

Emerald Lake (British Columbia)

Emerald Lake
Coordinates 51.444°N 116.531°WCoordinates:51.444°N 116.531°W
Primary outflows Emerald River
Basin countries Canada

How do you get to the Emerald Lake trail in Rocky Mountain National Park?

The trail to Emerald Lake begins at the Bear Lake Trailhead (driving directions). In the event that parking at Bear Lake is full, you’ll then need to park at the Park & Ride near the Bierstadt Trailhead and take the bus into the trailhead.

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Do you have to pay to go to Emerald Lake?

2 answers. It is currently $20 for ONE DAY pass, not seven day. You can purchase 7 day, $30 or annual, $50. The fee is per vehicle.

Do you have to hike to Emerald Lake?

Even if you don’t do the hike, you can still find beautiful views of the lake from the road that crosses over to the lodge and restaurant. There are so many wonderful photo opportunities at Emerald Lake and it’s a gorgeous place to relax and explore for a half-day.

What is Emerald Lake known for?

Yesterday’s travellers were adventurers in search of the extraordinary, and that’s exactly what Legendary guide Tom Wilson found when he first stumbled across this small gem of a lake – famed for its jade-coloured waters – in 1882 during the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Can you drive to Emerald Lake?

To get to Emerald Lake, you can drive the Trans-Canada Highway for two hours from Calgary, where many commercial flights arrive every day. On the way, you will pass through Banff National Park, where you can see other glacial lakes such as Peyto Lake, Moraine Lake or Lake Louise.

Is Emerald Lake an easy hike?

I cannot stress enough to start your hikes early to both see the beautiful sunrises at RMNP and beat the crowds! We hiked it on 7/4 and conditions were great. This is a great hike. It was easy for us, not too long or steep but views are great.

How long is the hike to Emerald Lake Co?

Emerald Lake

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Roundtrip Length: 3.5 Miles
Trailhead Elevation: 9475 Feet
Total Elevation Gain: 650 Feet
Avg. Elev Gain / Mile: 367 Feet
Highest Elevation: 10,110 Feet

Can you swim in Emerald Lake?

Emerald Lake is a fantastic place to see wildlife, as animals are drawn to the important water source. … Fishing at Emerald Lake is also quite popular during the summer months. Swimming comes highly recommended for the experience, but is not for the faint of heart. The water is cold!

Why is Emerald Lake green?

Emerald Lake’s vibrant colour comes from sunlight reflecting off of the mixture of calcium carbonate and clay on the lake bed.

Can you kayak on Emerald Lake?

Canoes can be rented at Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, as well as Lake Louise and Moraine Lake within Banff National Park.

Is Emerald Lake open in winter?

They open in December for winter rentals. The Boathouse Trading Co. is a family owned and operated business that has been there for over 30 years. … It is also the place that I love to spend time with my family on days off. Emerald Lake Lodge has a few pet friendly cabins so we love to plan staycations with our dogs.

Can you bike around Emerald Lake?

Within the park there are two secondary highways that offer excellent road cycling. The shorter and easier of the two is a ride to Emerald Lake via Emerald Lake Road. … Yoho Valley Road is another paved roadway which sees relatively small amounts of traffic.

Is the road to Emerald Lake open?

Emerald Lake Road, located 3 km west of Field, is open year round. The Yoho Valley Road, located 5 km east of Field, is open seasonally from late June until mid-October, weather permitting.

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How far is it around Emerald Lake?

Emerald Lakes Circuit is a 3.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Emerald Lakes, Queensland, Australia that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for walking, running, bird watching, and road biking and is accessible year-round.

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