How do you make a hollow diamond?

How do you print a hollow diamond?

Program for hollow diamond pattern using stars

  1. /* C program – hollow diamond pattern printing using stars */
  2. #include
  3. int main()
  4. {
  5. int i, j, space, k = 0, n;
  6. printf(“nEnter the number of rows : “);


How do you make a hollow diamond in Python?

In this python program we first read row from user. Here row indicates number of rows that will be printed in one triangle pattern of Hollow Diamond pattern. Given row value of 5 , total numbers of line in hollow diamond pattern will be 9 .

What is a hollow diamond?

For example, the term hollow diamonds has been used to refer to hollow hexagons (e.g., by T. B. Clark & Company). And the hollow hexagon motif has been called, variously, St. Louis diamonds, Dutch diamonds, and honeycomb.

How do you print a diamond?

The program output is also shown below.

  1. /*
  2. * C Program to Print Diamond Pattern.
  3. #include
  4. int main()
  5. {
  6. int number, i, k, count = 1;
  7. printf(“Enter number of rowsn”);
  8. scanf(“%d”, &number);
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How do you print a hollow triangle pattern?

scanf(“%u”,&rows); printf(“Enter the number of rows = “); scanf(“%u”,&rows); printf(“Enter the number of rows = “); scanf(“%u”,&rows); Inner loop print star for first or last column or last row otherwise print space.

How do you print a hollow full pyramid?

Step by step descriptive logic to print hollow pyramid star pattern.

  1. Input number of rows to print from user. …
  2. To iterate through rows run an outer loop from 1 to rows . …
  3. To print spaces, run an inner loop from i to rows – 1 . …
  4. To print star, run another inner loop from 1 to i * 2 – 1 .


How do you print a hollow right triangle in Python?

Write a Python Program to Print Hollow Inverted Right Triangle using for loop. The first for loop (for i in range(rows, 0, -1)) iterate from rows to 0, and for j in range(i, 0, -1) iterate from i to 0. The if statement check i equal zero, rows, j or j equals one value, and if true, print stars.

How do you print a hollow pattern in Python?

After printing all columns of a row, print a blank line after inner loop.

Hollow square star pattern :

  1. Input number of rows.
  2. For rows, an outer loop from 1 to N.
  3. For columns, an inner loop from 1 to N.
  4. Inside inner loop print star for first and last row or for first and last column. Which is print star.


How do you print a diamond pattern in Python while loop?

Python diamond pattern program(using for loop)

  1. Input the number of row that is needed to develop a diamond shape pattern.
  2. Use for loop with range(n)
  3. Use another for loop with range(1,int((n/2))-i+3)
  4. Print(sep=” “,end=” “)
  5. Loop(3) ends.
  6. Using for loop for range(1,i+2)
  7. Print(“*”, end=” “)
  8. Loop(6) ends.
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How do you print an inverted hollow pyramid in Python?

Run a nested loop inside the main loop for printing stars which is starting from j=num*2 to (num*2 – (2*i – 1))+1. Step 6. Inside the above loop print stars only if i == 1 or j == 1 or j ==(num*2 -(2*i-1)) in all other cases print a blank space.

How do you print inverted star patterns in Python?

Python Program to Print an Inverted Star Pattern

  1. Take a value from the user and store it in a variable n.
  2. Use a for loop where the value of i ranges between the values of n-1 and 0 with a decrement of 1 with each iteration.
  3. Multiply empty spaces with n-i and ‘*’ with i and print both of them.
  4. Exit.

How do you create a diamond in coding?

C program to print diamond using recursion

  1. void print (int);
  2. int main () { int rows;
  3. scanf(“%d”, &rows);
  4. print(rows);
  5. return 0; }

What is a diamond pattern in chart?

A diamond pattern is used for detecting reversals. … Diamond chart formation is a rare chart pattern that looks similar to a head and shoulders pattern with a V-shaped neckline. Diamond chart patterns usually happen at market tops.

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