How do you open a Gorjana necklace?

Is Gorjana jewelry real gold?

The Gorjana fashion line contains real gold, but it’s not solid or the highest quality. Most pieces are brass, plated with 14 karat gold. The karat number of gold indicates how many of 24 parts are pure gold, so 14 karat gold is 14/24ths—or 58%—gold. The other 42% is other metal, often copper, zinc, and nickel.

Can I shower with Gorjana jewelry?

Our fine jewelry is made of 14k and 18k gold. These metals will not oxidize or discolor with proper care. Fine jewelry can be washed with warm water and mild soap. Make sure to rinse well!

Does Gorjana jewelry have nickel in it?

Are gorjana items nickel free? The 18K gold, rose gold, or silver plating is nickel free. However, we do not consider our items nickel free because the base metal can carry traces of nickel.

Is 18k gold good quality?

18k gold is about 75% pure gold, which makes it less durable than 14k gold because it contains more pure gold. The more pure gold present in a metal, the softer the metal will be. … 18k gold, unfortunately, is also susceptible to scratches and dents due in part to this higher purity level.

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Is gold filled better than gold plated?

Gold Filled Jewelry consists of 2-3 layers of solid gold (bonded or pressed) with other metals a brass, silver, or other base metal. … Gold filled jewelry is a typically a better alternative to gold plated jewelry. It won’t tarnish and it’s much more durable than gold plated jewelry.

What is a filigree clasp?

Filigree Clasps are the traditional style of Clasp used when finishing elegant Pearl necklaces and bracelets, and at, we carry a wide selection, in Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, 14 Karat, and Base Metal.

What are the different types of bracelet clasps?

8 Types of Jewelry Clasps and How to Use ‘Em

  • Spring Ring Clasp. …
  • Lobster Clasp. …
  • Barrel Clasp. …
  • Toggle Clasp. …
  • Magnetic Clasp. …
  • S Hook Clasp. …
  • Fishhook Clasp. …
  • Slide Lock Clasp.


What is a fold over clasp?

Fold over clasps and box clasps are very popular and are easy to use. … Fold over clasps are typically brass and are attached to a necklace or bracelet by crimping the end to a jump ring. Box clasps have two parts a tongue and a box.

Is Mejuri real gold?

Yes and no. Though some fine earrings, rings, and necklaces are real gold, Mejuri also sells gold vermeil items. … Mejuri Necklaces Collection Most of their items are crafted using: Solid 14k Gold, a precious metal that will not oxidize or discolor. 925 Sterling Silver, an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

What are the best jewelry brands?

Commit These Top Designer Jewelry Brands to Memory

  1. Tiffany & Co. Blame it on the classic Audrey Hepburn film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but there’s something undeniably timeless about anything from this age-old jewelry designer. …
  2. Cartier. …
  3. David Yurman. …
  4. Mikimoto. …
  5. Bvlgari. …
  6. Harry Winston. …
  7. Hermès. …
  8. Chopard.
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Is Gldn jewelry good?

What’s the verdict? GLDN is a jewelry brand that creates high-quality, meaningful, and original jewelry pieces. The pieces are an excellent choice if you’re on the hunt for personalized jewelry that exudes a delicate and sophisticated aesthetic, whether for yourself or a gift for loved ones.

How long does Gorjana take to deliver?

While most orders are processed within 24-hours, orders may take 1-3 business days to process prior to shipment.


Standard Shipping FREE 3-7 business days
2 Day Shipping $20 2 business days
Overnight Shipping $30 1 business day
International Shipping $15 14-30 business days

What is catbird jewelry?

Catbird Jewelry is a woman-owned fine jewelry brand founded by Rony Vardi in 2004. For Vardi, starting what began as a tiny boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, meant quitting her job and bravely embarking on an entrepreneurial journey to chase her dream. Today, Catbird is still based in Williamsburg, NY.

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