How far is Fairburn dam from Emerald?

Name Distance (km)
Emerald 16.7 km
Sapphire 42.3 km
Rubyvale 46.8 km
Springsure 50.9 km

What is the name of the dam near Emerald?

The Fairbairn Dam is an earth-filled embankment dam across the Nogoa River, located southwest of Emerald in Central Queensland, Australia.

How much water is in the Fairbairn Dam?

Construction was completed in 1972 and the storage it formed, Lake Maraboon (Maraboon is a local Aboriginal name for “where the black ducks fly”), holds 1,440,000 ML of water.

What is there to do at Lake Maraboon?

Lake Maraboon Holiday Village

  • The Gemfields.
  • Blackdown Tablelands.
  • Virgin Rock Springsure.
  • Emerald Botanic Gardens.
  • Van Gogh Sunflower Painting.
  • National Trust listed Railway Station built in 1900.

Can you swim in Lake Maraboon?

Lake Maraboon Holiday Village is set on the banks of Fairbairn Dam, overlooking the tranquil waters of Lake Maraboon. pursuits including fishing, swimming and water skiing. Lake Maraboon is fishing heaven, with eight different kinds of fish to catch – but most famous for its plentiful Red Claw Crayfish.

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What percentage is Fairbairn Dam today?

Central Highlands farmers have welcomed the news that Fairbairn Dam is now at 21.53 per cent capacity.

How far is Lake Maraboon from Emerald?

Located 25 kilometres south-west of Emerald, Lake Maraboon is Queensland’s second largest lake.

How full is Wivenhoe Dam now?

Flood mitigation

Wivenhoe Dam has a total storage capacity of 3.132 million megalitres. At full supply level, it will hold 1.165 million megalitres.

Why is Wivenhoe Dam level so low?

Residents need to conserve water

He said Wivenhoe Dam’s low levels are a result of consecutive “failed … wet seasons”. “When you look at the history of [Wivenhoe] from [2011] to [2013, 2015], big rainfall events have filled those storages, unfortunately we’ve had failed consecutive wet seasons,” he said.

How full is awoonga?

The maximum capacity of the present dam is 777,000 megalitres (2.05×1011 US gallons). The dam was built by Thiess Brothers and was completed in March 1985. When full the lake is 40 m (111 feet) above sea level. Approximately 200,000 fish are released each year including barramundi and some mangrove jack.

Where is rubyvale?

Rubyvale, Queensland

Rubyvale Queensland
Location 62.1 km (39 mi) WNW of Emerald 332 km (206 mi) W of Rockhampton 894 km (556 mi) NW of Brisbane
LGA(s) Central Highlands Region
State electorate(s) Gregory
Federal Division(s) Flynn

Where is Fairbairn Dam Qld?

Fairbairn is located in Central Queensland, 19km south west of Emerald or 60km north of Springsure. There are no vessel restrictions on the dam. All watersports are permitted. Public facilities available include a good boat ramp, toilets, covered picnic tables and barbeques.

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How big is Fairbairn Dam?

57.92 mi²

Can you have a fire at Lake Maraboon?

If you are wanting to stay in our onsite accommodation but want your fury family close by, we recommend Maraboon Pet Resort. Can we have fires? Your welcome to have a RAISED fire pit, as long as you do not put it on any grass and its not affecting any other guests.

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