How long does the gem mine take to rebuild?

When the Gem Mine is full, the Gems are in a large, unorganized pile right outside the entrance of the Gem Mine. At level 8, to get the worth of a bundle; it takes 16 days to get 80 Gems and up to a staggering 7 years to get 14,000 Gems.

Is the gem mine worth it?

So, in conclusion, is the gem mine worth spending gems on? The simple answer is, if you are planning to play the game for a long time then yes. If you are not sure, then hang on and save your gems for masteries or to invest into the gem mine once you have made up your mind if you will stick with the game or not.

Should I spend my gems in clash of clans?

When you need to gather resources, use gems to boost your barracks, heroes, & spell factory. This will allow you to maximize your limited time playing to be constantly raiding during a play session.

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Can you lose gems in clash of clans?

If you’ve opened your village to find that gems have gone missing, it’s because they’ve somehow been spent. … The game cannot use gems on its own; purchases must be requested by the user. Accidental purchases are a possibility, though we’ve added a series of intuitive confirmation steps to prevent this.

What is the max level for gem mine?

In December 10 2018 update, the Gem Mine can now be upgraded to level 3 at Builder Hall 3.

Do gem boxes disappear?

It’s not gonna disappear until you remove. ‘Till then it stayrs in your village. Its like a tree, trunk, bush etc it wont disappear until your remove it and when you remove it you get 25 gems and another one will pop up eventually remove that and u get 25 gems and so on and so for.

How much do gem miners make?

Most gemology jobs can begin at salaries of $30,000 per year. Depending on the specific position and job location, some may reach six figures for people with additional experience. All the estimated annual salaries noted below are in US dollars and based on 2014 information.

How many gems does a gem box give?

The Gem Box is a mysterious box containing 25 gems. When the Gem Box was added it was quickly deleted due to a few glitches relating to how many Gems it gives.

How do you unlock the gem mine?

The Gem Mine does exactly what its name implies — it gives players gems, mined from the virtual earth, at fixed intervals. The first step need to unlock the Gem Mine is to jump aboard the nearby ship and sail over to the Builder Base. Once there, players can unlock the Gem Mine by spending 120,000 elixir.

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Are hero skins worth it in COC?

Are the hero skins worth having? – Quora. Putting skins is basically like doing make-up, to make your characters look more appealing. Skins don’t often add any special powers to your characters, they’re just there to make your character look good.

What is the best thing to spend gems on in clash of clans?

By far, the best way to acquire resources rapidly with gems is to boost your army production instead and use troops to raid for resources.

How much does it cost to GEM to Max th11?

According to the Clash of Clans wiki the total cost of upgrading everything is 1,688,882 gems which works out to be $12,068.77. Now that is assuming you have 2,860d 5h 7m to spare because the cost estimate is for build only and does not take into account speeding any of the build times up.

How many gems is 1 hour clash of clans?

Using Clash of Clans’ data, let’s say for example you want 1hr (3,600 seconds) to cost 20 gems, and 1 day (86,400 seconds) to cost 260 gems.

How much is 500 gems in clash of clans?

Gem Offers

Pocketful of Gems 80 Pile of Gems 500
USD $0.99 $4.99
AUD $7.99
GPB £3.99
EUR €1.09 €5.49

Can you hack clash of clans?

You can’t “Hack” Clash of Clans, it’s a game that is played through live servers, in real-time. You can’t manipulate the servers to give you Gems, Elixr etc.

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