How many diamond Beachbody coaches are there?

How much do Diamond Beachbody coaches make?

Beachbody Ranks & Income Potential

Rank Potential Weekly Earnings Potential Annual Earnings
Ruby $1,000 $52,000
Diamond $2,000 $104,000
1 Star Diamond $3,000 $156,000
2 Star Diamond $4,000 $208,000

How much do 11 Star Diamond Beachbody coaches make?

If you look at the chart above, you will see that at the level of Emerald Coach, the maximum amount of money you can earn is $250 per week, Ruby is $1,000 per week, Diamond is $2,000 per week, and so on, through the Team Cycle Bonus.

How many coaches do you need for Diamond Beachbody?

Rank: Diamond & Star Diamond

Star Diamond Ranks 1-5 1 SD 2 SD
# of PS Diamond Coaches* 6 7
# of PS Diamond Coaches* (assigned to left & right legs, respectively Ŧ) 2, 2 2, 2
Total # of PS Coaches/Preferred Customers* (including Diamonds): 21 22
Star Diamond Ranks 11-15 11 SD 12 SD

What is a Diamond level Beachbody coach?

A Beachbody Diamond Coach is someone that has worked to build a team of coaches they mentor. At a minimum, 8 people have signed up with a Diamond coach in order for them to hit that rank. From those 8 teammates, 2 of them have also hit Emerald Status – which means that 2 of the 8 have had 2 people sign up as coaches.

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Who is the #1 Beachbody coach?

There are 19 different rankings in Beachbody Coaching. The first rank is just coach, and the highest rank is 15-Star Diamond.

Is beachbody a pyramid scheme?

Beachbody is not a pyramid scheme. There are two things that we do as Beachbody Coaches. First, we help people who are going to be investing in a product, and help them to go through the program. Second, we introduce the business opportunity to people who would like to sign up as Coaches themselves.

How much does a 7 Star Diamond Beachbody coach make?

Potential Weekly Earnings-Team Cycle Bonus

Rank Potential Weekly Earnings Potential Annual Earnings
5 Star Diamond $7,000 $364,000
6 Star Diamond $8,000 $416,000
7 Star Diamond $9,000 $468,000
8 Star Diamond $10,000 $520,000

Is Beachbody coaching worth it?

If you’ve got a monthly Shakeology order on auto-ship then yes, it’s totally worth it. I’ve done the math for you below. In order for the discount to be worth it you need to spend at least about $100/month on Beachbody products. Otherwise the monthly fee eats up the discount.

Do Beachbody coaches get paid?

How do Beachbody Coaches make money? Beachbody coaches make money through commissions and team volume. * Coaches can also qualify to earn monthly prizes, quarterly bonuses, and trips. Every coach makes a 25% commission from most orders; apparel orders are 20%.

What is a ruby coach in beachbody?

To reach Ruby Rank, a Coach must: Maintain at least 75 personal volume during the Bonus Qualification Period. * Have at least 1 personally sponsored active Emerald Coach or higher on the left leg and one on the right leg at the end of the Bonus Week.

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Does Beachbody work without shakeology?

Grocery shopping guides and meal planning worksheets are also provided. Keep in mind, however, that the system will require a consistent time commitment (as does any healthy eating program) in order to make it work. Beachbody’s Shakeology shakes are not required for the program, but the products are heavily promoted.

What is an elite coach in beachbody?

To us an Elite Beachbody Coach is someone not only leading others to be healthier and reach their goals, but someone that is also helping others reach their financial goals. Beachbody describes an Elite coach as: …Coaches who continually are developing their business and exceeding their performance year over year. (

How much does a Beachbody coach make on a challenge pack?

A Sponsor earns $50 in regular commissions when they enroll a CUSTOMER with a $160 Challenge Pack. A Sponsor earns a $50 Challenge Pack Fast Start Bonus when they enroll a new PS COACH with a $160 Challenge Pack.

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