How much is 80 gems?

Gem Pack Price (USD) Price (CAD)
80 Gems (a pouch of Gems) $4.99 USD $6.99 CAD
170 Gems (a satchel of Gems) $9.99 USD $13.99 CAD
360 Gems (a bucket of Gems) $19.99 USD $27.99 CAD
950 Gems (a crate full of Gems) $49.99 USD $69.99 CAD

What should I spend Gems on BrawlStars?

In short, the best ways to spend Gems in Brawl Stars are:

  • Buying Brawl Pass.
  • Purchasing Token Doublers.
  • Purchasing Special Offers (30% OFF or more)
  • Don’t think about the other buys.

How many gems is white crow?

Well – “White Crow” is a very specific skin and one of the last Brawlers without a remodel. 80 Gem skins by default do not come with custom effects/animations.

How many gems will Choco Piper cost?


True Silver Piper True Gold Piper Choco Piper
10000 Coins 25000 Coins 80 Gems

How many gems is Shiba Nita?

The Shiba Nita skin is a skin that can be purchased for 150 gems.

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Do brawl boxes give gems?

On 19/6/18, Gems were made available in all Brawl Boxes.

How much does the brawl pass cost?

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It costs 169 Gems to buy the paid version of the Brawl Pass for the season and unlock exclusive rewards including the Chromatic Brawler of the season, 2 exclusive skins, and Pins, both for the Chromatic Brawler and the Chromatic Brawler’s exclusive skin.

Which Crow star power is best?


Only after an enemy is below 50% carrion crow is a solid star power it’s A tier in my opinion and it’s really good in some situations but extra toxic is an S tier star power and is good for teamfights as well as 1v1 situations.

Can you get a crow in Adopt Me?

The Crow is one of the limited pets in Adopt Me! that can be hatched from the Farm Egg. … It is currently only obtainable through trading or by hatching one from any remaining Farm Eggs.

What is the best crow skin?

Although Gold Mecha Skin is the most expensive one among all other skins, I believe that night mecha has to be Crow’s best skin because it elevates his character and makes him look super cool!

Who is the best brawler in Brawl Stars?

Belle boasted the best win rates in the latest Brawl Stars Championship–62 percent in Heist, 60 in Hot Zone, and 59 in Brawl Ball, according to Brawl Stats. She is strong both in average level and high levels of competition, as long as the players have a decent aim.

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Is Dark Lord Spike limited?

Grab Dark Lord Spike in the Shop now for only 149 Gems! Skin includes a custom Brawler model, custom effects, custom animations, and a custom texture.

Which brawler has the most health?

All Brawler Stats List

Brawlers Health Attack
BARLEY 2400 (3360) 680 (952)
BO 3600 (5040) 500 (700)
BROCK 2800 (3920) 1100 (1540)
BULL 5200 (7280) 400 (560)

Is Nani a boy or a girl in Brawl Stars?

1 Answer. Nani is female. The pronouns are not contradictory.

Is Nita a good brawler?

With Nita’s bear and Jessie’s turrets, enemies will have a hard time taking over the crystal mine. Nita is such a well rounded brawler that she works well with just about any team combination. The only thing to look out for is an enemy Mortis!

Are Leon and Nita siblings?

Just as the worlds are diverse, there are also plenty of fun backstories to the brawlers themselves. … There is much more to each brawler, and the developers drop another secret: “Leon and Nita are brother and sister.” Nita, who wears a bear hat, summons a massive bear for her Super.

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