How much is a GEM car?

GEM offers a variety of options for its vehicles from two to six-passenger versions and various utility bodies with prices starting at $10,299 MSRP with a tight turn radius for smaller spaces to a very roomy vehicle for 6 passengers with enhanced suspension for a better experience while driving.

What is the price of a GEM car?

2021 GEM e4 • $13,049

Stand out from the typical golf cart with four forward-facing high back seats, 3 point safety belts and plenty of legroom. GEM® e4 combines its superior comfort and security features to be the optimal on-road transportation vehicle.

How fast does a GEM car go?

To comply with the U.S. federal safety Low Speed Vehicle standards, GEM cars achieve a top speed of 25 mph.

Do they still make GEM cars?

It has sold more than 50,000 GEM battery-electric vehicles worldwide as of October 2015. GEM was formerly owned by Chrysler. Since 2011 it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polaris Industries.

Global Electric Motorcars.

Type Subsidiary of Polaris Industries
Products Small vehicles, NEVs, LSVs
Parent Polaris Industries
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IS A GEM car a golf cart?

Are GEM vehicles considered golf carts? While it may seem like a golf cart, GEM has many additional features that make it so much more. GEM is equipped with safety features required to be classified as a low-speed vehicle, and some of our features go above and beyond the standard LSV requirements.

What kind of batteries does a GEM car take?

GEM cars are powered by a 72-volt-battery system, which provides power to a custom controller and powers the electric drive motor. The GEM e2, GEM e4, GEM e6, GEM eS, and the GEM eL contain six 12-volt batteries, and the GEM e6 with the “S” Package and the GEM eL XD contain nine 8-volt maintenance-free gel batteries.

Is a gem meaning?

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The motor is rated at 1200W, which is the equivalent of 1.6 horsepower, so this electric vehicle definitely isn’t road legal, especially with its 20 mph top speed. Considering it weighs 661-pounds, this would make for a great golf cart of sorts, or just something you drive along the back roads. … 6 mph, travel up to 40.

Can you make a GEM car go faster?

In many gated communities, you’re not allowed to go any faster, anyway. Like most low-speed vehicles, the GEM has three-point safety belts and uses laminated safety glass for its windshield. It has a range of 30 miles on a six-to-eight hour charge, the company says.

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How long do GEM car batteries last?

While lead-acid will last just 3-5 years based on how well you maintain the batteries.

NEVs in many states are restricted to roads with a speed limit of 35 mph (56 km/h) or less. As of February 2012, NEVs are street-legal in 46 states.

Is a gem a stone?

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What does gem stand for in cars?

GEM Automotive Abbreviation

4 GEM Generic Electronic Module Automotive Systems, Technology, Automotive Production
1 GEM Gasoline Engine Management Automotive Systems, Technology, Mechanics

Do GEM cars have power steering?

GEM offers optional Electronic Power Steering so that you can make effortless turns.

Do GEM cars have AC?

The 8.9- and 12.4-kilowatt-hour packs can be combined with Level 1 or Level 2 AC charging capability. GEM also offers a rooftop solar panel to generate renewable electricity. … GEM was one of the first companies to get serious about low-speed electric vehicles.

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