How rare is a gem box?

Conclusion: Gem box has high chance to spawn in 2 weeks time. Gem box spawn rate increase to 35% when your Gem count is 70, 170, 1700, 17000… Gem box spawns in no specific order, but these “factors” could help you get more.

How much does a gem box give?

The Gem Box is a mysterious obstacle packed with Gems! This box will randomly appear in your village and it will give you 25 gems when removed by a Builder.

How many gems do you get from a gem box?

There is also a special obstacle known as a Gem Box, which always yields 25 gems when cleared, but they are much rarer than normal obstacles. Players can also earn gems by completing certain events.

How often do gem boxes spawn in COC?

[ASK] What is the Spawn Rate of Gem Boxes? When you get one, wait two days before getting rid of it, then after that it’ll spawn again in like a day or two. Then wait another two days before collecting it. Repeat and you can get about 2 per week other wise I think it’s about 1 every week and a half.

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Does gem box go away?

Nothing happens if you don’t remove the gem box…. you just kind of lose 25 gems …the gem box stays in the exact place as long as you remove it … Supercell won’t provide you with another gem box until you remove the previous one !!!..

How often do you get a gem box?

I’m pretty sure that the minimum spawn time for a gem box is once a week, and to maximize your chances of getting one you should remove all of your obstacles. By doing this, you are freeing up space for the gem box.

Is it possible to get free gems in CoC?

There are many ways to get free gems in the game: Earn gems by completing achievements Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in… There are many ways to get free gems in the game: Earn gems by completing achievements Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in your village.

How many gems does it take to max th13?

According to the Clash of Clans wiki the total cost of upgrading everything is 1,688,882 gems which works out to be $12,068.77.

How much is 500 gems in clash of clans?

Gem Offers

Pocketful of Gems 80 Pile of Gems 500
USD $0.99 $4.99
AUD $7.99
GPB £3.99
EUR €1.09 €5.49

How fast does the gem mine produce?

When the Gem Mine is full, the Gems are in a large, unorganized pile right outside the entrance of the Gem Mine. At level 8, to get the worth of a bundle; it takes 16 days to get 80 Gems and up to a staggering 7 years to get 14,000 Gems. At max level, it produces 4.8 Gems per day.

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What is a gem box Electrical?

Description: This is a metal box 2 inches wide, 3 inches high, and 2 1/2 inches deep, with or without plaster” ears. ” Buying information: This is the standard box for switches and receptacles. A single gem box (or gang box) has room for one receptacle or switch.

Do trees grow back in COC?

While trees and other types of vegetation will respawn over time if the obstacle limit isn’t reached, rocks and stones will not respawn. Many obstacles are in both the Home Village and Builder Base.

Can you have more than 1 gem box in COC?

You can only have 1 gem box at any time in a village. Clearing the Gem Box costs 1,000 Resources#Elixir . It takes 30 seconds to clear one, and the removal of one will have 25 gems. The gem box is rare, but in a recent update their spawn rate was increased.

What do gem boxes do in clash of clans?

It is as a small gift the developer team send to all players to help you play easier. You need to spend 1000 Elixir :elixir: and 30 seconds to remove it. After removing the Gem Box, you will receive 25 Gems. That’s why every player want to see it everyday!

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