Question: How do you max out Feebas in Emerald?

Plant the berry over and over again until you have about 5 berries. This will take about 3 days for all of them to grow. Go to the Berry Blend and blend them into Pokéblocks. Feed all the Pokéblocks to your Feebas, or until its beauty is maxed out (level 170).

How do you raise max beauty Feebas?

Feebas evolves in a unique way: You must get its Beauty rating to 170, and then have it grow a level. The main problem is that there is no numerical representation of your Pokemon’s Beauty rating. The only way to raise Beauty is by feeding Feebas Blue or Indigo PokeBlocks.

How do I evolve Feebas in Emerald?

Plant the Pamtre Berry, until you have about 5 of them. (It takes 3 days to grow) You can also clone them on Pokemon Emerald: Then go and Berry Blend with the berries. Give the Pokeblocks to Feebas, so it gets max beauty. Give Feebas one level and it will evolve to Milotic.

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What is the easiest way to evolve Feebas?

To evolve Feebas, players must trade the Water-type while it’s holding a Prism Scale. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the item can be found in the water in the lake on Route 2, where Feebas is located. Similarly, players can find a Prism Scale hidden in the water of the South Lake Miloch section of the Wild Area.

How do you get Milotic in Emerald?


  1. Go near Fortree city and use Surf in the water.
  2. Use the Super Rod (or any rod).
  3. Now try your luck in the tiles, go fish about 10 times in one tile. …
  4. Catch the Feebas.
  5. Feed it Pokéblocks, and max its beauty.
  6. If it doesn’t like the Pokéblocks you feed it, then go to the same tile and fish till you get another one.


Is Milotic or gyarados better?

Milotic has a limited move pool and can be out stalled by other bulky water types. Becuase it’s best attacks are ice beam and surf. And it has trouble covering electric types though is otherwise great. Gyrados has the unfortunatly average speed stat of 81 thus lowering sweeping potential.

Is Milotic a good Pokemon?

Milotic is a great addition to the metagame, however, it is not as powerful as a Waterfall Gyarados. … With strong stats, good move pool variety and access to Waterfall, Milotic can be a good replacement for Vaporeon and Gyarados. However, as explained below, Milotic makes for a solid Dragon slayer.

What is the strongest Pokemon in Emerald?

As for the strongest, in Emerald the legendary pokemon is Rayquaza.

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What is bad egg in Pokemon Emerald?

In Emerald, when warp cheat codes are used to steal from the Battle Factory, an invisible Bad Egg appears in the 19th slot of the 1st box in the PC Storage. If a Pokémon is in that slot, it corrupts the Pokémon and merges into a proper Bad Egg.

Is Pokemon Emerald the best?

Pokemon Emerald Is Still The Best Game In The Series For One Very Specific Reason. … 17 years later, Pokemon Emerald is still far better than any other game in the entire series.

Is there a trick to evolving Wurmple?

There’s no “trick” to evolving these Pokemon nor a night/day method like there is with Eevee.

Is a Milotic rare?

Did you know you can also catch Milotic in the wild too though? This is an incredibly rare encounter exclusively in the water around South Lake Miloch and the Lake of Outrage, and the weather has to be foggy, but it is possible.

Does Feebas evolve after 20km?

You have to walk Feebas as your buddy for 20km and have 100 candy to evolve it to Milotic. It takes 5km to get a candy with Feebas as your buddy. Feebas is the third one who needs a special treatment before evolving.

How rare is Feebas Emerald?

If you edited your save file, go to tile 440 and fish. Feebas has a 50% chance to appear at these fishing spots, so you may not get it on your first fish.

What is the best grass type Pokemon in Emerald?

The best Grass Pokémon in Emerald is… Ludicolo. Grass and Water is a very unique typing that nullifies Grass’s weaknesses to both Fire and Ice and provides a massive movepool such as Surf, Ice Beam, Giga Drain, Thief, and all three Elemental Punches (of course this requires the Battle Frontier).

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Is Marill good in emerald?

You can catch Marill before the first gym, its fast growth rate makes it very easy to overlevel, and it can learn plenty of strong normal attacks (and water attacks) throughout the game. Also it’s fortunately not fairy type. This is the moveset I would recommend.

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