Question: Should I use the Masterball on rayquaza in Emerald?

What should I use the Master Ball on in Emerald? Save it for a shiny. If you save before encountering any legendary (e.g. just outside it’s room, etc), you can soft reset if you can’t catch it before it faints. The only reason to use a masterball on a legendary is convenience.

Should I catch rayquaza with master ball?

Rayquaza is a Dragon/Flying type. … Can I capture Rayquaza with only one master ball? Community Answer. Yes because the master ball has a 100% catch rate so there is no failing with a master ball if you use it.

Who should I use master ball on Emerald?

Other Answers

  • Use it on a legendary pokemon. …
  • If you have Blaziken you only need to be about a level 56 and have mirror move. …
  • So use it on Latinos/Latias. …
  • If latias or latios gives you trouble use it on them or you can transfer it to a fourth gen game or beyond for an extra master ball. …
  • There are 2 options.
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Should I use master ball on latios or rayquaza?

If you keep your strong golbat at the front of your party latios won’t be able to escape. latios, use your master ball on latios, with rayquaza you can save the game before you battle meaning you will get as many chances as you like to catch it but latios is much harder to catch without a master ball.

Should I use my master ball on latios?

Depends on the type advantage and what attacks are used really. And on the Wobbuffet note, the Ability that stops Pokémon escaping will indeed prevent Latios/Latias escaping. So if you have that ability then maybe use ultra balls, but if not enjoy a long rayquaza battle…

What happens if you kill rayquaza in Emerald?

1 Answer. With Rayquaza having regained its power, the player must capture Rayquaza to take control of it and save the world; if the player runs away, defeats Rayquaza or is defeated, Rayquaza will remain and be ready for battle again fully healed (its Nature and IVs reset each time).

What is rayquaza’s weakness?


How do I catch Mew in Emerald?

Mew is one of the most sought-after Pokémon in all of the Pokémon games. You can visit Faraway Island to catch Mew using recent discoveries in the Pomeg Berry glitch or by using an Action Replay. This glitch is due to Pokemerrp. Presently, this guide is only valid for US versions of Pokemon Emerald.

How many master balls can you get in Emerald?

Unfortunately, it’s rare to receive more than one Master Ball per save file in Pokémon games. This is also the case in Pokémon Emerald, but in this particular version, there are some tricks and glitches you can use to acquire more.

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Can you catch rayquaza without a master ball?

User Info: Shadow1587. Technically, you can catch any pokemon with a pokeball. It just depends of the catch rate of it. … To get the chance of catching it with a pokeball, divide whatever the catch rate by 255.

What is the catch rate of rayquaza?

Rayquaza Raid Catch Rates – Pokemon Go Guide

Base Rayquaza catch rates are astronomically low at around 1-2 percent, but having the relevant medals maxed out and landing a Great or Excellent curveball throw with a Golden Razz in effect will bring it up to a more reasonable 10-12 percent.

Should I use the Masterball on rayquaza in Omega Ruby?

There’s no specific answer for this. You can easily capture anything without using the masterball. The general answers are use it on a shiny that is able to kill itself or use it on a legendary that you are soft resetting for competitively to cut back on the time it takes.

Should I use master ball on groudon?

don’t use your master ball on groudon because you can catch him with ultra ball and don’t worry if it takes you 20 or more ball because it took me 45 of’em and if you have gameshark you can get more master ballls.

What Legendary Pokemon are in Emerald?

Pokemon Emerald Version – Legendary Catching Guide

  • Introduction.
  • The Golem Trio [B]
  • Latias & Latios [E4/B/M]
  • Kyogre & Groudon [E4]
  • Rayquaza.
  • Jirachi [E4/M]
  • Celebi [E4/M]


How do you clone master balls in Pokemon Emerald?

re: Can you “clone” master balls?

  1. Beat the Elite Four, go to the unlocked Battle Frontier, then go to the Battle Tower (At the top).
  2. Access the PC in the far right and place the Pokemon you want to clone in an empty box.
  3. Save.
  4. Withdraw the Pokemon you want to clone (It can be legendary).
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