Question: What of players are diamond?

Diamond: 4.37 percent. Master/Apex Predator: 0.2 percent.

What percentage of players are diamond in rocket League?

Standard modes

For example, as a Diamond 1 in Solo Duel you are in the top 15.65% of the player base.

What percentile is diamond in league?

April 2021

Rank Percentage
Diamond I 0.24%
Master 0.087%
GrandMaster 0.030%
Challenger 0.013%

What percentage of Apex players are diamond?

what is the distribution of ranks in apex Legends?

Rank Distribution
Silver 17.86%
Gold 31.84%
Platinum 26.16%
Diamond 5.86%

What rank are most league players?

LoL’s Ranking Distribution

  • Iron: 7.1%
  • Bronze: 22%
  • Silver: 35%
  • Gold: 23%
  • Platinum: 7.9%
  • Diamond: 2.5%
  • Master: . 032%
  • GrandMaster: . 040%


What is the best rank in rocket League?

This is what Rocket League ranks in order look like:

Before the massive free-to-play update in September 2020, Grand Champion was the highest Rocket League rank that players could reach. However, in the post free-to-play world, Grand Champion has been knocked into second place and divided into three sub tiers.

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How many players does rocket League have 2021?

Characteristic Number of players in thousands
2021-04 110.34
2021-03 94.67
2021-02 103.43
2021-01 112.48

What is faker rank?

Faker is now Rank #1 on the Korean ladder so I uploaded his last game, the game that made him hit rank 1 in korea soloQ. Faker ( Hide on Bush ) Playing Solo Queue Ranked Game With Cassiopeia Mid In Challenger Elo Korea.

What percent of TFT players are diamond?

December 2020

Rank Percentage
Diamond I 0.19%
Master 0.38%
GrandMaster 0.021%
Challenger 0.010%

Is Gold 4 Good LOL?

Gold – above 50%, a good place to stay for casual play. Platinum – top 8% (pretty good – congrats) Diamond – top 2% (D1 or D2: streamers, pros) Masters – top 1% (^^) Gold 4 and 5 and Silver 2 and 1 are pretty much the same, but there’s a noticeable difference between low silver and low gold. …

Who is the #1 ranked Apex player?

All Platforms Rank Score Leaderboard

Rank Player Rank Score
1 effect_Exotiic 66,709
2 svsful 61,688
3 SG_pinkyy 58,268
4 IQTelekinesis 52,680

Can you lose apex predator rank?

Your ranking cannot drop from one tier to another no matter how many losses you experience—even if you lose a lot. Tiers include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and so on.

Ranked level Cost Needed
Apex Predator 60RP Top 750 players per platform (based on RP)

Who is #1 apex predator?

Apex player achieves highest-rank ever reached in-game

Apex Legends player Trenton ‘lou’ Clements managed to hit the incredible milestone on December 13, making him the highest-ranked ‘Apex Predator’ of all time.

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Can you skip a rank in league?

Division skipping happens when your mmr is much higher than your current rank, as people might already know. This is evident when you are gaining 25+ lp and losing much less. In order for you to skip division, for example, silver 5 to silver 3, you must go into s5 promos and come out winning with the mmr of a s3.

What is the lowest rank in league?

There are nine different divisions, with the first six having four tiers within. As seen, most players are ranked in Silver. Achieving Silver lll will place your in the middle of the pack. The lowest rank in league of legends is Iron IV, while in contrast, the high rank is Challenger.

Is gold considered high ELO?

Technically speaking, once you hit Silver in the West, this is enough to classify yourself as high Elo. In fact, Gold IV is enough to be higher than 2/3 of the LoL players. … While Gold IV is closer to the top 33%, Platinum IV is still around the West’s top 10%.

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