Question: Where can I find Bagon in Ruby?

Go down the stairs and surf straightforward until you reach a piece of land (north of the place) and go in and surf to the end to small piece of land and get TM 02 Dragon Claw and roam around on the land there and you’ll find Bagon.

How do you get Bagon early in Ruby?


  1. Go to Meteor Falls.
  2. Cross the bridge to the left side and Surf in the water.
  3. Climb the waterfall and land.
  4. Go through the door.
  5. Walk north and go down the stairs.
  6. Take the northern path and go upstairs.
  7. Walk north and fight the Dragon Tamer.
  8. Jump down by keeping going at the left side.


Can you get Bagon in Omega Ruby?

If it is exactly like the original games, Bagon can only be found in a small area inside Meteor falls. The area where you’ll find the TM dragon claw is the loction Bagon is found. The only problem is, if it’s like the originals, you’ll need the HM waterfall to access the area.

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Can you get Bagon before the Elite 4 Omega Ruby?

You can’t get it until you can use Waterfall outside of battle, since the part of Meteor Falls that they’re in requires it.

What are the best Pokemon in Ruby?

Top Ten Pokemon From Ruby and Sapphire Ranked

  • Cradily.
  • Shedinja. …
  • Ludicolo. …
  • Exploud. …
  • Swellow. …
  • Wailord. There simply isn’t a Pokemon bigger than Waillord. …
  • Chimecho. Chimecho is an excellent Psychic-type Pokemon. …
  • Crawdaunt. Let’s be real, Crawdaunt has always gotten the short end of the straw when we talk about water Pokemon. …


What is Bagon hidden ability?

1. Rock Head. Sheer Force (hidden ability)

How do you get Beldum in Ruby?


  1. Just to add onto the location of finding it, Beldum is actually a breedable pokemon. …
  2. You must Become Champion, then go to Steven’s House in Mossdeep, It will be on the Table. …
  3. beat Steven i go to his house in Mossdeep City then there will be the pokeball then you will get Beldum.

What does a shiny Bagon look like?

Shiny Bagon changes from blue to a light green, so it’s hard to miss.

Is salamence a good Pokemon?

Salamence has the highest ATK stat (277) of any pseudo legendary in Pokémon Go and one of the highest non-legendary and non-mega evolved ATK stats in the game. Anyway, it’s a well-established fact that in Pokémon Go, movesets can make or break a Pokémon, no matter how good the stats are.

Is Bagon rare?

The 2019 Pokémon Go April Community Day focuses on Bagon, the rare dragon-type from the Hoenn region. … Bagons are rare spawns. There is a chance to hatch them out of 10 kilometer eggs, but it’s a small chance. If you don’t have a Salamence, this is your best bet to get one.

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Where can I find Gible in Omega Ruby?

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire HOW TO GET/CATCH GIBLE + ROOT + CLAW FOSSIL! Go to the desert above Mauville city and there should be gible and the fossils!

Is salamence a legendary?

Salamence (Japanese: ボーマンダ Bohmander) is a dual-type Dragon/Flying pseudo-legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation III.

How do I get to meteor falls in Omega Ruby?

It links Route 114 in the northeast to Route 115 in the southwest. You won’t be able to fully explore the cave the first time you enter. Surf and Waterfall will be required to reach the other levels. To the north of the entrance is a Full Heal in a corner.

Where can I find deino in Omega Ruby?

  1. Rain Badge.
  2. Route 127.
  3. Route 128.
  4. Seafloor Cavern.
  5. Route 126.
  6. Sootopolis City.
  7. Cave of Origin.
  8. Changes to Hoenn After Ancient Pokemon Battle.

Where is Larvitar in Omega Ruby?

  1. Delta Episode.
  2. Sky Pillar.


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