Should I save my gems in Hogwarts mystery?

We recommend you save them so that you can spend them on extra energy should you accidentally find yourself in need of it and the timer running out. We also suggest you pick gems any time they are offered as a reward for completing tasks, but never buy them otherwise.

What should I use my gems for in Hogwarts mystery?

Gems are used to refill energy and reduce wait times. As we all know, it takes time to refill energy and you might just need that extra energy point to complete a lesson or a quest before time runs out.

Should I save gems?

As gems are very limited, you should save them as much as you can because upgrades may take some days to get completed but gems take a lot of time to get accumulated.

Do you win the House Cup every year in Hogwarts mystery?

Winning the House Cup will reward you with 100 GEMS, which you can use to purchase a number of things from the in-game store. Winning the House Cup is a long task, since you need to reach the end of each story year to do so.

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Should I bring Hogwarts mystery Ben or Penny?

You have two options – Ben or Penny. As for the story aspect, there is not much of a difference no matter who you decide to bring, but keep in mind that you’ll be able to raise the friendship level with the one you bring along. Afterward, you’ll learn that your Prefect requested to see you.

Do you meet Harry Potter in Hogwarts mystery?

Jam City’s Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game allows you to assume the role of a never-before-seen Hogwarts student, but that doesn’t mean you won’t meet a few familiar faces along the way.

Does Rowan die in Hogwarts mystery?

Rowan Khanna’s death in Hogwarts Mystery comes when the player is investigating the mysterious “R” character in Forest Grove. … However, Rowan Khanna jumped in the way of the curse, sacrificing themselves so that Ben could live.

Should I save gems COC?

All told, over the course of a 4 year account maxing lifespan, “terrible gem spending” would only save you about a week and a half instead of “perfect gem spending” which will save you about 4 months. That is for F2P. Those who purchase gems with real money will save even more from proper spending.

How many gems is one day?

Using Clash of Clans’ data, let’s say for example you want 1hr (3,600 seconds) to cost 20 gems, and 1 day (86,400 seconds) to cost 260 gems.

How much do gems cost in clash of clans?

Gem Offers

Pocketful of Gems 80 Bag of Gems 1,200
USD $0.99 $9.99
AUD $14.99
GPB £7.99
EUR €1.09 €10.99
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Should I promise to tell Merula if I open a cursed vault?

After the class is over, Merula will ask you to promise to tell her if you ever open one of the Cursed Vaults. The choice is up to you, but either way, no matter what you select, she won’t reveal any information until you open one of the vaults.

Can you lose the House Cup Hogwarts mystery?

The House Cup is a prize you’ll be working towards throughout your first year at Hogwarts. During the year different actions you do can have an effect on your House Points, either causing your house to gain or lose them.

Can you fall in love in Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery releases new romance feature

For players who have reached Year 4, the update will include a new ‘Romance’ tab in players’ Friendship log, driven by points earned through gameplay, and you can even achieve ‘relationship milestones’ through side quests and activities.

Should I agree with penny or Merula?

You can choose whether you want to side with her or Merula. If you like Penny, it is recommended to agree with her. If you like Merula, you should probably side with her.

Is Merula always in Slytherin?

Loyalty. Merula Snyde (born c. 1973) was a witch who began attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1984 and was sorted into Slytherin house. Merula often antagonised Jacob’s sibling during their time in Hogwarts and remained a persistent rival to them throughout the years.

Should I help Merula with her potion?

After completing your potion, you’ll notice that Merula made a mistake with hers. You can choose whether you want to help her with it or not. Helping her requires level seven Empathy, but it will award you with ten attribute points and an additional reward.

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