What can you spend Gems on in arena of valor?

Can you buy gold in arena of valor?

What is Gold? Gold is one of the main sources/currency needed in Arena of Valor to buy Arcanas and Heroes. Gold each day are very limited so it’s recommended to always get the full rewards you can find. … The only ways to farm gold are only by playing the game, but I will show you how efficient you can do it.

Is Arena of Valor pay to win?

What’s important to note is that Arena of Valor is NOT pay-to-win. Though characters are at a slight disadvantage when not fully equipped with Runes, once characters are fully loaded up, matches are determined by skill and strategy and not who has spent more money.

How do you get vouchers for Arena of valor?

Vouchers can be purchased safely from the location where you downloaded Arena of Valor. Google Play and the Apple Store both have vouchers for sale that you can acquire securely, without fear of your details being used in an illicit manner.

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How do you get an arcana in arena of valor?

You can find all of your Arcana by tapping (believe it or not) “Arcana” on the left side of the main menu. Once inside, you’ll see your current Arcana page. Initially you’ll have access to two Arcana pages and buying additional (up to 10) is a major high-level money sink in Arena of Valor.

What is the fastest way to get gold in arena of valor?

7 quick tips for earning gold in Arena of Valor (and how to spend…

  1. Beginners earn rewards. …
  2. One win a day is enough to earn gold bonuses. …
  3. Be sure to watch the events. …
  4. It is always a good idea to have friends. …
  5. Style is not just a matter of aesthetics. …
  6. Be a member of an active guild. …
  7. Use 2x Gold Cards.


Is arena of valor better than mobile legends?

AOV is completely better in game modes and heroes balances though i’m still enjoy playing mobile legends… Neither is better. Both pale in comparison to Heroes Arena. The targeting, balance of characters, and overall gameplay make this game better than both other games.

Arena of Valor has accumulated 200 million players worldwide, with the developer confirming that it is seeing a rise in month-over-month daily play numbers since making “major optimisations” to the game in late 2019.

Is free fire a pay to win game?

Free Fire (FF) on one side included in the game Pay to Win, because the weapon skins you get can add to your weapon stats for the better. … So, Free Fire (FF) is included in the Pay to Win game, actually Spinners, but it’s not really visible because some players can Free to Win if you have a very great skill.

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Is skud good AoV?

Given that Skud is both tanky and a hard hitter, he is a great option for teams that want to bring the fight to their enemies. High Damage – Skud’s abilities scale well, making his damage output consistent throughout the match.

How do I get an AoV voucher?

So, the easiest and fastest way to get vouchers is purchasing Arena of Valor Vouchers via reliable game store ingamemall.com. With our best and cheap AoV Vouchers, get special skins, lottery tickets, or coveted heroes and become the key player in each mission.

How do I set up arcana in AoV?

Arcana slots unlock with each level your account gains. They unlock from left to right, so red, purple and then green, then back to red until you hit level 30. You can unlock a total of 10 Arcana Pages, giving you a variety of layouts for a specific hero or multiple heroes.

How do you unlock arcana AoV?

Upon reaching level 7, players unlock the Arcana system. Arcana are a number of stat-boosting seals that players may equip. Available bonuses include improvements to attack power, defense, HP, and life steal.

How do I get arcana fragments?


You can equip up to 10 arcana of the same name at a time across Level 1/Level 2/Level 3. Excess arcana can now be dismantled into arcana fragments at a slight loss.

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