What do you do after beating the Elite Four in Omega Ruby?

After beating the Elite Four and finishing the Delta Episode, you’ll be back in Littleroot Town once again. There, your father will talk to you saying that a gift for you from Mr. Briney has arrived. The gift is none other than—the S.S.

What is there to do post game in Oras?

There are actually plenty of things to do:

  1. Finish the Trick Master Adventures.
  2. Go on the Post-Game New Mauville.
  3. Find all the National Dex only exclusively hidden Pokemon.
  4. Finish Habitat list.
  5. Have fun at the Battle Maison.
  6. Upgrade your secret base flag.
  7. Get the Eon ticket Via streetpass and catch the alternate Eon Pokemon.


Where is Steven after beating the Elite Four?

Fittingly, the player can find and challenge him in the upper area of Meteor Falls after they defeat the new Champion, Wallace. This battle cannot have a rematch. In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, after the player enters the Hall of Fame, Steven will leave a Beldum and a note for the player at his house in Mossdeep City.

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How many times can you rematch elite four Oras?

Unlimited times until you die. How many times can you fight the elite four?

What do I do after the Delta episode?

Post Delta Episode

  1. Collect 1 Beldum from Steven’s house in Mossdeep City.
  2. Collect 1 Sharpedo and 1 Camerupt from 2 grunts inside the Battle Resort.
  3. Collect the remaining Megastones. Here’s where to find each one: Audinite – Battle Resort (Talk to Looker at the Battle Resort) Blastoisinite – S.S.

What do you do after beating the Elite Four in Ruby?

to access the battle tower, you must beat the elite four. get on the s.s. tidal and take a ride to battle tower, after that, you are now able to fly to battle tower.

Who is Zinnia Pokemon?

Zinnia (Japanese: ヒガナ Higana) is a mysterious Draconid woman and a Pokémon Trainer from Hoenn. She is described as a special person who holds the key to the Delta Episode in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, on a trip to accomplish her objectives.

Is Steven Stone dead?

When the battle ended, Steven immediately died from the strain of awakening and controlling the Regis. Wallace and the Elite Four were saddened by his death, knowing well the strain of controlling the Legendary Pokémon was too much for him.

What do you do after beating the Elite Four in sun?

Go catch all the Ultra Beasts

It’s pretty hard to miss this mission, since it starts right after Sun and Moon’s storyline wraps. After beating the Elite Four and heading home, the player is given a new task: Head to the previously empty motel on Route 8 for a new mission.

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Where is Steven after meteor falls?

Steven is up on the second floor. After a lengthy cut scene, you’ll have your next mission. You need to find a pure meteorite shard in Meteor Falls.

Can you fight elite four twice?

You can battle the entire elite Four again as many times as you like, but their Pokémon will be stronger than the first time around – all about 10 levels or so higher.

Can you rematch the Elite Four?

After you have obtained the eight badges of Kanto, you have the ability to fight the Elite Four again.

What is Gardevoir hidden ability?

Gardevoir has the ability to read the future. If it senses impending danger to its Trainer, this Pokémon is said to unleash its psychokinetic energy at full power. Alpha Sapphire. Gardevoir has the psychokinetic power to distort the dimensions and create a small black hole.

What do you do after you beat the Delta in Omega Ruby?

“Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire”: Postgame Walkthrough

  • 35 Things To Do After Beating Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. …
  • Complete the Delta Episode. …
  • Get More Starters From Professor Birch. …
  • Grab the S.S. …
  • Head to the Battle Resort. …
  • Get Your Free “Sharpedo” and “Camerupt” …
  • Engage in Battles at the Battle Maison.


What is Bagon hidden ability?

1. Rock Head. Sheer Force (hidden ability)

Can you battle May after beating the Elite Four?

re: Can I fight May after the elite 4

PS- You can’t fight May/ Brendan after the Elite Four.

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