What does a tiny etching of a polar bear on a Canadian diamond mean?

The distinctive Polar Bear Diamonds, which are laser engraved with a microscopic-sized polar bear, are the most recognizable diamond brand in the country. The unique branding is a symbol that they are both Canadian and conflict-free. … “People come in asking for a Polar Bear Diamond.

How much do diamond miners make in Canada?

The average mining salary in Canada is $77,870 per year or $39.93 per hour.

Are Canadian diamonds rare?

Categorized by low levels of fluorescence and high grade clarity and color, Canadian ice diamonds are a scarcity, which comes at a high price in the diamond market.

Are Canadian diamonds better quality?

#1 – Canadian Diamonds Are “More Beautiful” And “Have Better Quality” … Just like rough diamonds mined in other parts of the world, Canadian roughs also come in all types of shapes, clarity, color and carat sizes. Diamonds are graded individually by the 4Cs and this is how their quality/value is determined in the market.

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What is special about Canadian diamonds?

Canadian diamonds are highly regarded because Canadian diamond mines have some of the world’s highest environmental standards. They are also conflict-free, having undergone a certification process that allows the stones to be tracked from mine through manufacturing, wholesaling and to the retail consumer.

What happens if you find diamonds on your property?

If you ever find a diamond ring, or any lost property, don’t assume that you can keep it. Always attempt to find the owner if possible, or turn the item in to the police. Most states will allow finders to keep the property if the owner does not show up to claim it after a certain time.

Can you find diamonds in Canada?

Canadian diamonds are diamonds which have been mined in any one of the major Provinces and territories of Canada. … Canadian diamonds play a large role in the world market of diamonds. During the year 2017, Canadian mines produced 23 million carats of diamonds, valued at $2.6 billion.

How much does a 1 carat diamond cost in Canada?

Price of 1 Carat Diamonds

The price of a 1 carat diamond is between $1,300 and $16,500, depending on factors such as the diamond’s cut quality, clarity, color and shape.

Do Canadian diamonds have serial numbers?

This unique number can be entered online to verify the diamond’s authenticity and origin. You will need your serial number and polished diamond weight which will be provided in your documentation. Every Canadamark diamond comes with the reassurance that it is: Responsibly mined in Canada.

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Are diamonds cheaper in USA or Canada?

It is true that Canadian diamonds are often slightly more expensive than a diamond of a similar size and quality from another country. However, whether or not this premium is passed on to the end consumer is up to the individual jewellers.

Who owns the diamond mines in Canada?

The Diavik Diamond Mine is managed by Rio Tinto and is owned by a joint venture between Diavik Diamond Mines (2012) Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto (60% ownership) and Dominion Diamond Diavik Limited Partnership, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dominion Diamond Mines (40% ownership).

Do Canadian diamonds have polar bears?

Many diamonds mined in Canada are documented and have their certificate number laser inscribed on the girdle with a trade logo such as maple leaf, polar bear and CanadaMark to name a few. This assures consumers of their diamonds origin.

How does purchasing a Canadian diamond help the economy?

The next point is that in buying a Canadian diamond, you’re also supporting jobs within Canada, it’s creating more jobs within Canada which is helping our economy grow and prosper.

What is the cheapest country to buy diamonds?

So, what is the cheapest country to buy diamonds? India is the cheapest followed up by China, Dubai, Thailand, and Belgium. They are the cheapest because most of the world’s diamonds are cut there. So you do not have to pay any markup due to shipping or retailer markup.

Are peoples Diamonds good quality?

Peoples Jewellers fall incredibly short when it comes to pricing of their diamonds and engagement rings. The prices are exceptionally higher than what you can find at James Allen or Blue Nile, and the quality is really not as good either. You will be paying a premium price for an underwhelming piece.

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Are Canadian diamonds more ethical?

Canadian diamonds are not an ethical choice. … The diamond industry would like consumers to believe that the benefits of formal (regulated) mining far out way the environmental impact, however, the truth is that mining is catastrophic to eco-systems, the environment and its indigenous people.

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