What does it mean when a guy calls you a gem?

If you describe something or someone as a gem, you mean that they are especially pleasing, good, or helpful. …

What does she’s a gem mean?


someone or something that you like very much and think is very special: She’s an absolute gem.

Is being called a gem a compliment?

Gems are precious or semi-precious stones, much sought after. If then, someone calls you a “gem”, it is high praise. That person holds you in high esteem; you are “precious” to her or him.

What is a gem boy?

Your name, Gemboy, creates a friendly, sensitive, and practical nature. You gravitate to positions where there is stability, security and opportunities to work with others to make steady progress. You could be very skilful in dealing with technical and mechanical matters.

What does GEM mean in UK slang?

Gem – weak person. Get the drop – acquire necessary information.

What is a gem personality?

They are confident, concise and calculated and like to get to the point. They generally have strong personalities and see anything standing in the way of their goal as something of an annoyance to be steamrolled. They see themselves as winners. They are motivated by winning.

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What does you are a true gem mean?

someone or something that is very good, pleasing, or useful: He’s a real gem – you’d be a fool to break up with him.

When you say someone is a gem?

If you describe something or someone as a gem, you mean that they are especially pleasing, good, or helpful. [informal]

What does GEM mean in texting?

Hi Glenda, gem has a slang meaning and it means something very positive,great. But there is also a ‘GEM’ that is an abbreviation for Green-eyed-monster and that has a negative meaning. It could refer to a very jealous person or jealousy itself.

Can a man be a gem?

In the past, we thought gems were different genders, but as time went on, we learned that there are NO male entities relating to diamonds or gems except for Steven. … Gems can be defected. They aren’t corrupted or cracked, but are different from a regular gem. They can be smarter than others, shorter, etc.

What is GEM a nickname for?

Jem is a given name, sometimes as a nickname for James, Jeremiah, Jeremy, Jemma, or Jemima, and sometimes as an anglicized version of the Turkish name Cem.

What are strong male names?

100 Strong Baby Boy Names and Their Meaning

  • Abelardo. Abelardo means noble and strong. …
  • Abiri. A name of Hebrew origin, Abiri means my strength, my hero. …
  • Absko. Absko is a masculine boy name of Kenyan origin. …
  • Adir. Abir is a Hebrew name which means strong, courageous, mighty. …
  • Aimilios. …
  • Alcibiades. …
  • Aldric. …
  • Alexander.


Is gem a girl or boy name?

Gem as a girl’s name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Gem is “gem or jewel”.

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What does kiss my teeth mean?

The abbreviation KMT is typically used with the meaning “Kiss My Teeth” to express emotions such as disdain, disgust, anger or annoyance, either genuine or feigned. … The saying “Kiss My Teeth” is widely used throughout the USA and the UK. It is thought to have its origins in Jamaican slang.

What is a rare gem?

In terms of the rarest gemstones known in the gemstone marketplace however, the rarest 10 are : Tanzanite, Paraiba Tourmaline, Color Change Garnet, Alexandrite, Red Spinel, Ruby, Tsavorite, Mandarin Garnet, Emerald, Padparadscha Sapphire.

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