What does jewels do in wizard101?

Jewels are magical items that can be affixed to your Wizard’s Amulets, Athames, Rings, and even Decks. These Jewels can be obtained from Quests, Creature drops, Crafting, and Fishing Chests. Special Sockets located within our gear allow us to hold specific Jewels.

How do damage jewels work Wizard101?

That 80 flat damage added a whopping 177% damage to my gear.

In conclusion, the lower the base damage of the spell is, the more percentage flat damage jewels give. The more flat damage you have, the more effective it will be. At the end of the day, flat damage translates into percent.

Can you remove jewels Wizard101?

Once you’ve inserted a jewel into an item it’s in there for good unless you use a Socket Wrench to remove it. When you remove it, it will shatter and be gone forever.

How do you attach gems in Wizard101?

Open your backpack, highlight the item you want to add a jewel to. Click the Jewel icon below. Select a jewel and socket and click affix. If a socket is locked, you need a socket wrench or crowns to unlock it first.

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Where do I get storm damage jewels?

It is available from Marwa Jadetusk in Baobab Market, Zafaria; particularly around the North Region for 3000 gold pieces. She is the Jewel and Recipe Vendor. You can also get a wide range of Storm Jewels from this recipe including cards and other offensive jewels.

What does flat damage do in wizard101?

Flat damage adds a fixed amount, not a percentage. With jewels the first part is the same, so we have an enchanted spell, gear boosted to 1192. Now we add the jewel bonus. If you land a critical, both those totals would be doubled, so 3080 with jewels, 2980 without.

Where do you farm critical jewels in wizard101?

The best critical jewels (+18) are obtained in the last four dungeons in Empyrea. I know that Vigilant Sargun in the Astral Grove drops the +18 jewels, you can also farm Secret Tunnel in Empyrea as well for jewels.

Where do you get damage jewels in wizard101?

  • Damage: …
  • The Myth Jewel 75 – 95 crafting recipe can also be used to damage, critical and piercing Myth Jewels.
  • It is available from Wozina the EdgeCutter for 15,000 gold. …
  • As I’m sure you’re aware, these jewels are available from the Myth Jewel Pack in the Crown Shop.

Can you remove jewels from pets?

It’ll shatter and disappear, if you want to add the jewel again you’ll have to farm for it sadly. You can put a pet with a jewel in your bank, but not your shared bank. You’ll have to remove the jewel to transfer it to another wizard/shared bank.

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How do you get a novice socket wrench in wizard101?

Each level wrench is dropped by only one or 2 bosses, mostly end world bosses.

  1. Novice = Krokopatra & Meowiarty.
  2. Adept = Mika Skarka & Jade Oni.
  3. Expert = Tse-tse Snaketail.
  4. Master = Pendragon & Malistaire the Undying.
  5. Artisan = Morganthe.


What do sockets do in Wizard101?

Socket Wrenches are obtained by defeating bosses throughout the Spiral and come in 5 different types: Novice, Adept, Expert, Master and Artisan. Socket Wrenches can be placed on the walls of your house for display.

What do sockets mean in Wizard101?

The Wizard101 Test Realm includes a huge new feature: sockets. These are open jewel slots on gear in which particular jewels can be attached to add stats to gear.

Where do you sell jewels in Wizard101?

Not all vendors have them.

  • Katherine Rockhammer and Eudora Tangletree in Wizard City.
  • Wul’yahm in Krokotopia.
  • Felicia Worthington in Marleybone.
  • Toshio in Mooshu.
  • Bathazar Dragonthorn in Dragonspyre.
  • Aegeus in Celestia.
  • Marwa Jadetusk in Zafaria.
  • Shane Macgobhann in Avalon.


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