What is a carat in Kpop?

CARAT (캐럿) is the official fandom name for the South Korean boy group SEVENTEEN.

Why are carats called 17s?

Who are Cubics? You’re a Carat. This fandom name comes from the lyrics of their track called “Shining Diamond”, from SEVENTEEN’s debut album 17 CARAT. Carats add more shine and give greater value to the diamond that is SEVENTEEN!

Why are BTS fans called carats?

Since Seventeen are the diamond, the fans (carats) are the weight of the diamond, the thing that measures how brilliant the diamond is. Just a thought! It can also be for “17 carat diamond,” which probably isn’t an actual measurement they use, but is convenient because of the group’s name.

What does carat mean SVT?

Each of them have their own precious meanings to SEVENTEEN. CARAT: CARAT brightens the DIAMOND called SEVENTEEN, the bigger the gem(carat) is, the precious the value. The more time that passes means that SEVENTEEN’s worth will continue to increase~

What is a cubic seventeen?

Apparently Cubics are fans of Going Seventeen and watches the series but hasn’t quite gotten into Seventeen yet. The name Cubic was taken from cubic zirconia which is a type of synthetic diamonds.

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What fandom is the most toxic?

Top 10 Toxic Fanbases

  • ANTI FANS. …
  • STEVEN UNIVERSE. If there were to be a single fanbase that had to take the crown for the worst fanbase there is, more than half would vote for Steven Universe.

What are Superm fans called?

Spermies as superm official fandom name.

What are fans of TXT called?

On April 25, it was announced that the group’s fan club would be called “YOUNG ONE.” However, on May 6, Big Hit announced they would be revising the name due to similarities to Tiffany’s fandom name “Young Ones.” On August 22, it was announced that the group’s new fan club name would be “MOA.” The name is an acronym …

What day is BTS Army Day?

South Korea: The date June 9 is an important day for BTS and its ARMY as this is the day when the fandom was first officially established. The fans and the band celebrate this day as ‘BTS ARMY Day’.

How many BTS fans are there?

As stated earlier there is no sure way to calculate How Many BTS Fans Are There In The World but some sources state that there are more than 90 million fans for BTS in the world.

How do I get a carat membership?

CARAT Membership FAQ

  1. Join Weverse Shop(or Weverse).
  2. Log in with the same Weverse Shop (or Weverse) account.
  3. Go to the SEVENTEEN Weverse (Nickname is needed!).
  4. Purchase [CARAT MEMBERSHIP] in GLOBAL Weverse Shop.
  5. Weverse Shop account where you purchased the membership will be able to access the same Weverse account.
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What do seventeen call their fans?

CARAT (캐럿) is the official fandom name for the South Korean boy group SEVENTEEN.

Why does Seventeen only have 13 members?

Before they officially debut, SEVENTEEN actually was supposed to have 17 members, which is the original meaning of their name. … According to Allkpop, SEVENTEEN explained on the show Immortal Song in 2017 that their name represents 13 members, 3 sub-units, and 1 group.

What are Red Velvet fans called?

ReVeluv (Kor. 레베럽) is the official fandom name for the South Korean girl group Red Velvet.

What is EXO fandom name?

EXO-L (Hangul: 엑소엘) is EXO’s official fandom name.

What do Mamamoo call their fans?

Fans of the group are called “MooMoos”. In Korean, “Moo (무)” means “radish” so fans are also referred to as such sometimes. Because of this, fans would bring radishes to their concert. It was announced later that the group’s official lightstick is in the shape of a radish.

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