What is the rarest gem in Terraria?

Which gemstone is the most valuable?

The Most Expensive Gemstone in the World: The Blue Diamond

  • Are worth $3.93 million per carat.
  • Are rare to find in a flawless sample.
  • Cause a huge stir in the jewelry industry when one goes to auction.


What gem sells for the most in Terraria?

While diamond and amber sell for the highest price directly, any gem except diamond can be crafted into Stained Glass worth 1, requiring 5 blocks of glass.

How rare is amethyst Terraria?

Out of all available gems, Amethyst is the least valuable gem. Like all other gems, Amethyst can be placed on blocks. As of 1.4.


Type GemCrafting material
Rarity 00*
Sell 375
Research 15 required

How many gems are there in Terraria?

There are currently 7 gem types. Gems can also be placed on any side of a block after being mined. They are found in any underground layer, except for The Underworld.

What stone is more rare than a diamond?

In fact, high-quality emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are all rarer in nature than diamonds.

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Is Ruby more expensive than diamond?

Are Rubies More Expensive Than Diamonds? Although some rubies are incredibly valuable and can command very high prices, most rubies are considerably less expensive than diamonds of the same size. This lower pricing makes a ruby an appealing alternative to a diamond for an engagement ring or other jewelry.

How rare are rubies in Terraria?

Ruby is a gem found within the Underground and Cavern layers of a world. They are obtained by breaking special blocks that have noticeable red gemstones embedded in it.


Type GemCrafting material
Use time 15 (Very fast)
Rarity 00*
Sell 2250
Research 15 required

Do trees regrow in Terraria?

Trees are the largest plants in Terraria, appearing mostly at the surface and often in clusters with similar height. … If parts of the tree are left, they will not regrow. Tiles beneath trees cannot be destroyed or actuated.

Is Emerald useful in Terraria?

Emerald is a gem that can be found in blocks underground. They can be used as an ingredient in recipes. Out of the 6 gems available, emerald is the 3rd most valuable gem with a sell price of 15 silver coins.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
Green Phaseblade Meteorite Bar (20) Emerald (10) Iron Anvil

Are there diamonds in Terraria?

Diamond is a gem found within the Underground and Cavern layers of a world. … Rarely, diamonds can be found in bulk in its own special gemstone cave, or in one that contains all of the other gems as well (besides Amber). Like all other gems, Diamond can be placed on blocks. As of 1.4.

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How do you plant gem corn in Terraria?

Once you’ve crafted a Gemcorn in your inventory, you need to plant it in the ground for it to grow. Gemcorns must be planted in the underground layer or below of your world, and grow best in the dark – so remove any torches from the area. Also, Gemcorns must be planted in stone, or they will not grow.

What is the best gem hook in Terraria?

Amethyst -> Topaz -> Sapphire -> Emerald -> Ruby -> Diamond. With Diamond hooks having the longest range of all the hooks. (one longer than the dual hook.)

What do Gemcorns do Terraria?

Gemcorns are a new addition in Terraria’s Journey’s End update, and players can plant them in order to grow their own Gem Trees. Added as part of update 1.4, Terraria’s Gemcorns give players the ability to grow their very own Gem Trees, which have the potential to produce Gems of their particular type.

What do gem locks do in Terraria?

A Gem Lock is a special mechanism which acts as a container or altar for a Large Gem. A Gem Lock will emit an activation signal if the corresponding Large Gem is placed inside it and once again if it gets removed.

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