What jewelry brand is LC?

LC Lauren Conrad Jewelry for Women – Poshmark.

What does LC mean on jewelry?

LC stands for Lobster Claw type closure.

What is Lauren Conrad jewelry made of?

The rings are done in 10k rose and white gold, the lowest karat gold alloy out there to still be considered “fine” jewelry. The gemstones are a mix of commercial grade diamond melee, ranging in full cuts and single cuts, and gemstones like morganite, green quartz and blue topaz.

Is Lauren Conrad jewelry sterling silver?

Womens LC Lauren Conrad Sterling Silver Jewelry.

Can you wear Lauren Conrad jewelry in the shower?

Bonus tip: Want to keep your finest jewelry in good condition for longer? Avoid wearing these pieces while washing hands, while showering, while applying lotion, and while exercising.

What does 14k LC mean?

A) 14KT means 58.5% gold. … 14KT means 58.5% gold. LC is probably manufacturer’s stamp.

What does 10 WG ring mean?

10 karat white gold is 10 parts yellow gold and 14 parts other white metals. This means that 10 karat white gold is 41.7 percent gold.

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How much is Lauren Conrad’s net worth?

As of 2021, Lauren Conrad’s net worth is $40 million.

Net Worth: $40 Million
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: TV Personality
Last Updated: 2021

What does MDB mean on jewelry?

Market Deliverable Brand (MDB)

Who is Lauren Conrads husband?

William Tellm. 2014

Where can I buy Lauren Conrad clothes?

Found exclusively at Kohl’s, her collection includes apparel, jewelry, fashion accessories, footwear, bedding, and so much more! Lauren Conrad uses her platform to help empower others.

How do you take care of fine jewelry?

But over time, all fine jewelry begins to lose its shine.

Here are some jewelry care tips to help you maintain the stunning appeal of your fine jewelry.

  1. Store your jewelry in a clean, dry space. …
  2. Avoid damaging chemicals. …
  3. Use mild cleaners for regular cleanings. …
  4. When in doubt, take it off. …
  5. Insure your jewelry.

Are Lauren Conrad earrings nickel free?

LC Lauren Conrad Jewelry from Kohl’s

PRODUCT DETAILS Length: 10 in. Metal: zinc Clasp: slider bead Plating: gold tone Finish: polished Material: no value Nickel free Not appropriate for children 14 years old and younger.

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