What kind of necklace should I wear with a high neckline?

Should you wear a necklace with a high neckline?

A high neckline eliminates the need for a necklace. Go big with your other jewelry, but stick to a few pieces. Long drop earrings and a statement right hand ring strike the right balance. Recommended: Carcasonne earrings and Enticement ring.

What necklace goes with what neckline?

Necklace for Neckline Cheat Sheet

Neckline Dos
Off the Shoulder Chokers, Very short pendants
Collared Shirts Medium length pendants and statement necklaces.
Turtleneck Super long pedants
Halter Angular pendant

How do you accessorize different necklines?

If the neck is high, go for long necklaces, if the neck is low, go for short necklaces that are round like the neckline/resemble the neckline. Chokers or pretty long necklaces, will work with this neckline. Chokers or short necklaces for serious looks, and long necklaces if you are aiming for a playful look.

How do you wear a high neck necklace?

Style Tip: If in doubt, just wear a long pendant style necklace with your high neck outfit – You can’t go wrong there! We recommend a long piece which ranges from 24 to 36 inches – so Preferably below your bust and above your belly button.

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When should you not wear a necklace?

1. When you are wearing a high neckline. If you are wearing a top or a dress with a high neckline, it would be a smart idea to leave the necklace out of the equation. With high necklines, you need to focus on other accessories like earrings and bracelets/ watch, if that’s your thing.

How many necklaces should a woman have?

To be safe, lovers of jewelry, men or women, should wear one watch or a bracelet, a ring, one pair of earrings, and one simple necklace.

What kind of jewelry do you wear with a sweetheart neckline?

Whenever you wear sweetheart necklines, you’ll want to focus on your necklaces, hopefully choosing a collar style. Make a statement with a collar necklace that features a pendant that complements the curve of the sweetheart neckline. Complete your look with ear studs to keep the attention on your neckline.

How do you accessorize a deep V-neck dress?

For a deep v-neck dress, you want to select jewelry that keeps the focus on the neckline. Depending upon your personal style, try a simple pendant or go bold with a statement piece. A simple gold or silver chain can draw the eye from neckline to waist.

What is a matinee length necklace?

20′-24′ Matinee – The Matinee design commonly ranges anywhere from 20 inches to 23 inches. This necklace length will fall lower than the princess necklace and is supposed to sit just below the collarbone, but anywhere between the collarbone and the bust will do. … This necklace length is also very suitable for layering.

What kind of earrings do you wear with a high neck dress?

However, when wearing high neckline dresses, it’s also important to choose the right design and length.

  • Stud earrings are the classic ones. …
  • Chandelier earrings are the most common choices for formal occasions. …
  • Dangle earrings are similar to chandelier earrings, but has smaller base.
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What jewelry goes with sweetheart wedding gown?

If your dress is sweetheart or strapless, skip the necklace and focus on an elegant pair of chandelier earrings instead. Wear clear crystal for a sleek look, or add punch with a hint of color. Try using a meaningful gem, like your birthstone, or pick a hue from the flowers in your bridal bouquet.

What is a princess length necklace?

A necklace called a “Princess necklace” is 16 to 18 inches long. This usually lays between the lower neck and bust line. A “matiné” strand is 20 to 24 inches long and sits at the bust line. This is about twice the length of a choker.

What kind of necklace goes with a round neck dress?

If it has a more rounded neckline, then wear a small, short pendant or a choker even. Either two will draw attention away from your chest and to your neck. You can also wear a longer necklace to draw attention to your stomach.

Can you wear necklaces over turtlenecks?

To get the look of the moment, layer a maximal necklace over your turtleneck. Geometric charms, chokers, and dangling pendant necklaces all work superbly with turtlenecks and add a splash of artistry to your outfit. Click through the gallery for tips on how to perfectly pair turtleneck tops and statement necklaces.

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