When was Jewel Tea made?

The first pieces of Autumn Leaf pattern ware, also known as Jewel Tea, were made in 1933.

When did Jewel Tea go out of business?

The company sold household products through salesmen traveling the country until 1981. Jewel Tea supplied housewives with everything from baking powder and other grocery items to cleaning supplies, linens, cookware and china. The Jewel Home Shopping Service was phased out of the Jewel Companies in 1981.

What was Jewel Tea?

The Jewel Tea Company, headquartered in Illinois, started its door-to-door grocery-delivery business in 1899. Founded by Frank Vernon Skiff and his brother-in-law Frank P. Ross, horse and wagon were their earliest delivery vehicle!

When was Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf made?

The “Autumn Leaf” pattern, with stylized green leaves and red-orange/gold blossoms, appeared in 1933 and was produced exclusively for the Jewel Tea Co. to 1978. Output from those years, or what our reader calls “original” Autumn Leaf, is prized by collectors.

How much are Jewel Tea dishes worth?

For instance, a dozen cups and saucers, labeled as “Breakfast cups and saucers” in Jewel Tea advertisements, brings about $120, or $10 each. An Irish coffee mug, on the other hand, sells for around $40. Four berry bowls also sell for $10 apiece while an oval meat platter brings only about $10.

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Why is it called Jewel Osco?

It All Started in 1899

Founded by Frank Ross and his brother-in-law Frank Skiff in 1899, the company launched with just $700, a rented horse, and a secondhand wagon. The partnership named their venture the Jewel Tea Company, the routemen called on their customers bi-weekly, coming directly to their homes.

Who is jewel owned by?

In 1999 Albertson’s acquired American Stores’ assets (including Jewel, Osco, Lucky Stores, Acme Markets, and Sav-on Drugs). After the grocery distributor and retailer SuperValu Inc. purchased Albertson’s in 2006, Jewel and Osco became wholly owned subsidiaries of SuperValu.

Is Hall pottery still in business?

Now Hall’s product line included cooking china, teapots, tableware and coffee makers. In 2003 Hall celebrated its 100 year anniversary. The company is still in business today. Although the company is best known for china they did produce what is considered pottery.

How do you date hall China?

If your teapot backstamp has a simple circle with the words “Hall China,” sometimes with the addition of “Made in U.S.A.” between “Hall” and “China,” it dates from the 1920s. If the mark is a plain circle with the word “Hall” in the middle, your teapot dates from the 1930s to the 1970s.

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