Where can I farm hollow gems?

Where can I farm deep gems?

Deep Gem Locations

It is between the Evangelist and the balcony. On a body in the Water Reserve bonfire room. Dropped by Thralls in the Cathedral of the Deep. Dropped by Deacons in Cathedral of the Deep, Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and Anor Londo, with a droprate of around 1% before item discovery.

Where can I farm raw gems?

Effective farming locations include: High Wall of Lothric bonfire – From this bonfire, head toward the dragon. There are a large number of hollows which may be killed before returning to the bonfire, or, for a more interactive experience, proceeding to the Tower on the Wall bonfire.

Are hollow gems worth it?

Hollow infusion keeps the weapon completely physical, it’s extremely strong and yes you can buff it with anything. … So you could keep luck at 30 and end up with 40 becasue of your hollow infused weapons so it’s good for min/maxing your luck build.

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Where can I farm crystal gems?

Crystal Gem Locations

(NG+) Dropped by the large undead with a Great Axe, near the entrance to Cathedral of the Deep. Cloaked Hollows and Hollow Sorcerers in Road of Sacrifices before Crystal Sage area have a chance to drop it.

How do you farm heavy gems?

Heavy Gem Location

Drops from the Elder Ghru in the poison swamp of Farron Keep (rare). Drops from slugs in the poison swamp of Farron Keep (rare). Drops from Ghru (unarmed) and Ghru Conjurators in Farron Keep (rare). Gift from Hawkwood after defeating the Curse-Rotted Greatwood or Crystal Sage.

What is the best gem in Dark Souls 3?


High faith, use lightning gem. Of course some weapons naturally do more damage when infused with a specific gem. The Dragonslayer’s Axe (not the Great Axe) (or Lothric Knight Ultra GS) both do significantly more damage when infused with lightning.

Is raw infusion worth it?

Raw infusion is generally for low level builds – since scaling from stats simply isn’t there or needed. When you’re playing a Mage/Faith build raw infused weapons are good even in the late game since weapon buffs tend to be better than the elemental infusions.

What is raw damage Dark Souls?

Raw increases the base damage of a weapon, while reducing its stat scaling from Strength and Dexterity. As its name suggests, it gives the weapon jagged edges, making it more dangerous but also more unwieldy.

What does raw gem do?

Use. Used in infusion to create raw weapons and shields. Does not require extra coal for Andre the Blacksmith to infuse. Infusing this gem adds to the base damage, but lowers general absorption, and completely removes scaling.

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Does hollow infusion increase bleed?

Requires the Profaned Coal to infuse. Hollow weapons can be buffed. Hollow Weapons and Shields scale with Luck, and also grant a bonus amount to your Luck stat. … The Luck boost does increase your bleed/poison capabilities, although not shown on menu.

Is hollowing bad in Dark Souls 3?

There are no negative consequences to being hollow, but you can both wipe your current hollow tally and prevent yourself ever becoming hollow if you want to. To reset your hollow tally to zero, purchase a Purging Stone from Yuria – or, if she is dead, from the Shrine Handmaid after turning in Yuria’s Ashes.

What is the best bleed weapon in Dark Souls 3?

DS3: The Best Bleed Weapons For Blood Infusion

  • Flamberge. The rare flamberge is a great early-game option, provided you can get over the low drop chance. …
  • Manikin Claws. I did not know how seriously powerful this weapon was until recently. …
  • Morning Star. …
  • Warden Twinblades. …
  • Carthus Curved Sword.

What happened to the crystal gems?

With one final effort to wipe out the Crystal Gems, the Diamonds unleashed the Corrupting Light, corrupting any Gems exposed to the blast. Rose was able to protect herself, Garnet, and Pearl from becoming corrupted with her shield.

Where do I get chaos gem?

Chaos Gem Locations

  • On a corpse at the far end of the Smouldering Lake, near the left group of big crabs.
  • Crystal lizard at the start of Demon Ruins, down the hole in Smouldering Lake. Drop down and go left around a corner. ( …
  • Low chance drop from a Smoldering Ghru.
  • Crystal lizard in the Grand Archives.
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Where can I farm dark gems in Dark Souls 3?

Dark Gem Locations

  • Rare drop from Pus of Man in High Wall of Lothric, Consumed King’s Garden, and Lothric Castle.
  • Rare drop from the Rotten Slug in Consumed King’s Garden.
  • Drops from the second rolling “boulder” in Catacombs of Carthus.


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