Where can I find Marill in Omega Ruby?

Location Area Version(s)
Route 111 Water Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Route 114 Water Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Route 117 Water Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire
Route 120 Grass Grass Water Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

Where can I find Marill?

You can find and catch Marill in Brawlers’ Cave with a 5% chance to appear during Normal Weather weather. The Max IV Stats of Marill are 70 HP, 20 Attack, 20 SP Attack, 50 Defense, 50 SP Defense, and 40 Speed.

Where can I find Bagon in Omega Ruby?


Location Area Version(s)
Meteor Falls Basement – Small Room Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire

How do you get Azumarill in Oras?

When you encounter an Azumarill, all you have to do is to use the old, but effective method to catch it. First, feed it with golden razzberry and then throw a curveball throw. Make sure to have with you powerful Pokeballs and Ultraballs and use them if necessary.

How do you evolve Marill in Omega Ruby?

Marill (Japanese: マリル Maril) is a dual-type Water/Fairy Pokémon introduced in Generation II. Prior to Generation VI, it was a pure Water-type Pokémon. It evolves from Azurill when leveled up with high friendship and evolves into Azumarill starting at level 18.

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Is Marill a Pikachu clone?

The first Pikachu clone appeared in the form of the water mouse Pokemon Marill. It may be the least Pikachu-like duplicate on the list, but it does have a small resemblance. … At Level 18, the water mouse Pokemon Marill evolves into the water rabbit Pokemon Azumarill.

Does Azumarill evolve?

Evolution. Azumarill evolves from Marill at level 18. It is the final evolution of Azurill.

Is Bagon rare?

The 2019 Pokémon Go April Community Day focuses on Bagon, the rare dragon-type from the Hoenn region. … Bagons are rare spawns. There is a chance to hatch them out of 10 kilometer eggs, but it’s a small chance. If you don’t have a Salamence, this is your best bet to get one.

Where can I find Gible in Omega Ruby?

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire HOW TO GET/CATCH GIBLE + ROOT + CLAW FOSSIL! Go to the desert above Mauville city and there should be gible and the fossils!

Where can I find Bagon?

Bagon can be found in the Tunnel to the Top, a cave leading to the Crown Shrine. It will only appear in the Sword version, though. Shield owners can only obtain it from Pokémon HOME or by trading with other players. It might take a lot of time for a Bagon to show up, however.

How do you counter Azumarill?

Azumarill is a Water/Fairy type Pokémon, which makes it weak against Poison, Electric and Grass moves.

What counters Azumarill?

  1. Deoxys (Attack),
  2. Thundurus (Therian),
  3. Zekrom,
  4. Deoxys (Normal),
  5. Roserade.

Can you evolve Marill and Azumarill?

Azumarill is the evolution of Marill, and unlike fellow evolution Diggersby, cannot be added to your Collection by evolving alone – it must be caught for it to count.

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Is Marill a good Pokemon?

Another water-type Pokémon that is very usable. Evolves impossibly early, has pretty good bulk, hits very hard with Huge Power, a typing that is good offensively and defensively, and it gets its best moves very early, as well as having Aqua Jet and a movepool full of good moves.

Who can Marill breed with?

For Azurill you need to give the Marill/Azumarill a Sea Incense, then breed with a Marill/Azumarill/Ditto and you will get an Azurill.

Does Taillow evolve?


What is Marill hidden ability?

Huge Power. Sap Sipper (hidden ability)

Shine precious stones