Where do I turn in the Emerald Dream?

The turn in for this quest is in the library which can be found in the west instance entrace. Go west down the stairs – fight the lvl 60 tree ent, then there is a door in the area that you defeat the ent.

How do you turn in Emerald Nightmare?

When you complete The Emerald Nightmare raid, Malfurion is no longer trapped in the Iris so you are not able to turn in the The Emerald Nightmare: Piercing the Veil. You will have to enter a new instance of the raid, either with a different group, or on a different difficulty, to turn in the quest.

Where is the entrance to Emerald Nightmare?

The Emerald Nightmare is located in Val’sharah, and the entrance is at (Map). The closest flight path is Starsong Refuge – from there you want to head north and then west to reach the raid entrance.

Is the Emerald Nightmare gone?

The Emerald Nightmare is revealed to be still active, with its source being located at the tainted World Tree, Shaladrassil in Val’sharah at the Broken Isles.

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How do I get to xavius in Emerald Nightmare?

XaviusXavius is the final boss of the The Emerald Nightmare raid, and can only be accessed after players defeat Cenarius. He is located in the Rift of Aln, a shadowy, surreal chamber beneath the roots of the Nightmare-corrupted Shaladrassil world tree.

Who killed ysera?

During the battle, Ysera would work closely with Nozdormu and Galakrond would ultimately be killed after Malygos and Neltharion forced a boulder down his throat. After killing Galakrond Ysera and the others were approached by two other watchers, who revealed that they had taken Tyr to help him.

When did Emerald Nightmare release?

Emerald Nightmare is located in Val’sharah with its source being located at the tainted World Tree, Shaladrassil. From here the Nightmare Lord Xavius and his loyal satyr spread the corruption across both Emerald Dream and the physical world. This instance opened on September 20th, 2016.

Can you solo the Emerald Nightmare?

Both Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold are pretty easily soloable by now, with some fights a bit tricky but not overwhelmingly so. Basically, any raid fight with weird mechanics can be a challenge to solo.

Can you skip to xavius?

If you finish the quest you most certainly only need to kill Nythendra, then you can use the Iris to do Cenarius and Xavius; skipping the aforementioned bosses exactly as described.

Can you solo Nythendra?

Usually it takes 2 expansions for content to become widely soloable by the masses. The thing with mythic Nythendra is that if you are soloing and you are a healer / dps, you will always get the rot debuff, which will rapidly increase your stacks of Infested.

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How do I get nightmare illusion?

-You need to first transmog your artifact into a normal weapon, then you get a small box above your weapon that you can click in the transmog window to add an illusion.

Do defiled reins fly?

It is now able to FLY!

Where is the night hold?

The Nighthold is located in Suramar, and the entrance is at (Map). The entrance is underground, close to The Arcway. When headed towards The Arcway entrance, after going past the Summoning Stone, take an immediate right turn down the stairs (instead of forward and left for the dungeon).

When did cenarius die?

He served as a commander of the forces of Kalimdor in the War of the Ancients after the death of his father. He continued serving as a teacher and protector of the elves and their forests for 10,000 years until he was killed by the demonically corrupted orcs led by Grom Hellscream.

Is xavius dead?

Since Azshara concealed her magical prowess, Xavius was considered the most powerful Highborne to whom the rest measured their skills. He was later transformed into the first satyr by Sargeras, before ultimately being transformed into the dreaded Nightmare Lord.

Status Deceased/Unknown (lore) Killable ( )

Is Ursoc dead?

More specifically, Ursoc, a big bear demigod who was one of the first living creatures to roam Azeroth, has died. … It turns out that after the Nightmare veil lifted from Ursoc during the Legion expansion, his soul hunkered down for the “long slumber”.

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