Where does Dustin Diamond live?

Diamond moved to Florida in 2018, and put his house in Port Washington up for sale the following year.

Where in Florida did Dustin Diamond live?

‘Saved by the Bell’ actor lived, loved and died in Cape Coral. Everywhere Dustin Diamond went in Southwest Florida, fans would call him by his TV character’s name. They’d shout, “Hey Screech!”

Did Dustin Diamond live in Florida?

Dustin Diamond, who was best known for playing Samuel “Screech” Powers on the TV sitcom “Saved by the Bell,” died Monday from cancer. Diamond had been living in Florida, after living for nearly two decades in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Where is Dustin Diamonds house?

Dustin Diamond’s House in Port Washington, WI (Google Maps)

Where in FL did Dustin Diamond die?

CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Dustin Diamond, who played the role of Screech on the popular 1990s high school comedy “Saved by the Bell,” died on Monday in Cape Coral, according to his obituary. Diamond, who was 44, had been a resident of Cape Coral since 2018. He was formerly of Port Washington, WI.

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Did Dustin Diamond Really Die?


Why did Dustin Diamond go broke?

In 2001, Diamond had to file for bankruptcy because he wasn’t receiving any earnings from his sitcom days. Because Diamond was a minor throughout most of the show’s run, his parents had control of his finances and spent all the money for themselves.

How old was Dustin Diamond when he died?

44 years (1977–2021)

Who passed away from Saved by the Bell?

Louan Gideon passed away in February 2014 at the age of 58.

How did Saved by the Bell star died?

Dustin Diamond, the former child actor who found fame on the enduring NBC Saturday morning sitcom “Saved by the Bell” but struggled to find work in later years, died on Monday in Florida. He was 44. The cause was small-cell carcinoma, said Mark Diamond, his father and only immediate survivor.

Is Dustin Diamond Neil Diamond’s son?

Born in 1977 in San Jose, California, Dustin Neil Diamond was raised in a Jewish family by father Mark Diamond and his computer operator mother. Despite their matching names, Dustin was not related to Sweet Caroline singer-songwriter Neil Diamond.

Does Dustin Diamond have cancer?

Dustin Diamond, best known for his role as Screech Powers on “Saved By The Bell,” passed away Monday, just weeks after revealing a stage 4 small cell lung cancer (SCLC) diagnosis.

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