Where does Niassa Ruby come from?

Attractive new rubies reportedly from northern Mozambique have begun to appear on the Thai gem market. The stones resemble rubies from Winza, Tanzania, but this study shows they can be distinguished by microscopic examination. Download PDF to view.

Is a Niassa Ruby valuable?

Mozambique ruby is a premium variety of ruby gemstone, resourced from Mozambique region of Africa. Due to its brilliant red hue and high transparency, Mozambique ruby is more valuable than the rubies found in other African mines.

Are all Niassa rubies fissure filled?

Sometimes, a gemstone undergoes treatment to increase its beauty, durability, or value. … This is so the color of the gem is not affected. If using a dye to improve the gem’s color, it should be described as fissure filled and dyed. Niassa Ruby is an example of fracture filling a gemstone.

Where is Niassa Ruby from?

Niassa , Mozambique : Thankfully, a new deposit of amazing rubies was discovered in Niassa in northern Mozambique in 2008, supplying the market with new, natural, and beautiful rubies. Mozambique rubies are known for their vivid red hues and pigeon blood red that can even resemble the likes of Burmese stones.

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Are synthetic rubies valuable?

Lab-created rubies are made using the same materials that can be found in a natural ruby ring. They are identical in their chemical composition, but lab-created rubies are less expensive than natural ones and unlike natural rubies, they are not flawed.

Why are Burmese rubies so expensive?

One of the main reasons that Burmese rubies are so valuable is because of their very specific, extremely saturated colour, caused by a high chromium content in the ground from which they are extracted.

How much is real ruby worth?

Ruby Price Guide

Colour Carat Price Per Carat (USD)
2.0 – 3.0 $10,000 – $25,000
5.0+ $80,000+
Vivid Red – Mozambique Unheated 1.0 – 2.0 $7000 – $15,000
Pinkish Red – Burma Unheated 1.0 – 2.0 $3000 – $12,000

Do rubies fracture?

Probably 90% or more of the ruby in today’s market has been fracture-filled in this way. Prices range from about $30.00 a carat here in Thailand to hundreds of dollars a carat at retail jewelry outlets. But whatever the price asked for these fracture-filled stones, they should be avoided at all cost.

Are glass-filled rubies worthless?

Lead glass-filled rubies, also known as composite rubies, are nearly worthless (as described in my previous post). The problem is that there are thousands and thousands of sellers who will try to sell you a composite ruby as the real thing.

How much are glass-filled rubies worth?

Most of the sources I have found claim lead glass-filled rubies cost between $10 and $30 per carat (the sources being gemologists and other experts, not composite ruby sellers). This might seem very cheap, especially when compared to natural rubies that would normally cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per carat.

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Is African Ruby good?

Its density is 4 and its hardness is 9 on the scale of Mosh (the hardest stone after the diamond) It is a generally inclusive gem of which the purest specimens negotiate several tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars per carat.

What is a Certified Ruby?

Overview and purposes of certification examinations

Those who are certified are recognized for their skills as Ruby engineers and as having high levels of Ruby-based system development capabilities. Those who pass the examination are certified by the Ruby Association as a Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer.

How can you tell if a ruby is real or synthetic?

Artificial rubies are made of glass. Therefore, the simplest way to know if the ruby is fake or not is to compare it with a glass of similar tinge. Take a piece of red glass and compare it with the fake one. If the two matches, then the stone is a fake one.

How Much Do synthetic rubies sell for?

Laboratory grown synthetic ruby

The average weight is 1.96ct., priced at $30/ct. Gems this size would be perfect for a ring, earrings, or would make a delicate necklace. Price shown is per gemstone.

How much is a 1 carat ruby?

One carat ruby prices can range from US$10 to US$12,000

The method I used to determine the value is by first categorizing the stone based on the 4Cs + OT method.

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