Which statement of graphite and diamond is true?

Like diamond, graphite has a high melting point and is insoluble in water or organic solvents. Due to the presence of delocalised electrons, graphite conducts electricity. Hence, the correct answer to the above question is (c) Graphite and diamond both have giant structures.

Which statement about Diamond is correct?

Diamond, an allotrope of carbon, has very high refractive because of which it is used as a gem in jewellery. It is used for cutting glass, marble stones and other hard materials and for drilling of rocks. It is a bad conductor of electricity. It is the hardest material known.

Which of the following statements about graphite and diamond is true they can undergo the same chemical reactions they have the same crystal structure they have the same degree of hardness they have the same electrical conductivity?

Which of the following statements about graphite and diamond is true? Explanation: Both Graphite and diamond being the allotropes of the same element , carbon, have similar chemical properties. So they undergo the same chemical reactions.

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When comparing a diamond to graphite which statement is not true?

Graphite is thermodynamically very less stable as compared to diamond and is amorphous form of carbon.

What is the relationship between diamond and graphite?

Diamond and graphite are both allotropes of carbon. Allotropes are basically different forms of the same element. The only difference is the structure and arrangement of how the carbon atoms are oriented.

What is the hybridization of diamond?

In diamond each carbon atom is attached to four different carbon atoms by sigma bonds. Hence, the hybridization of carbon is sp3 . In graphite each carbon atom is attached to three different carbon atoms by sigma bonds.

Does Diamond have a giant structure?

Diamond. Diamond is a form of carbon in which each carbon atom is joined to four other carbon atoms, forming a giant covalent structure. As a result, diamond is very hard and has a high melting point.

Is Diamond a good conductor of electricity?

Most diamonds are electrical insulators and extremely efficient thermal conductors. Unlike many other minerals, the specific gravity of diamond crystals (3.52) has rather small variation from diamond to diamond.

Why is graphite weak?

Graphite has delocalised electrons, just like metals. These electrons are free to move between the layers in graphite, so graphite can conduct electricity. … The forces between the layers in graphite are weak. This means that the layers can slide over each other.

Do graphite and diamond have the same crystal structure?

They are identical chemically – both are composed of carbon (C), but physically, they are very different. Minerals which have the same chemistry but different crystal structures are called polymorphs.

Diamond Graphite.

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Mineral Name Graphite Diamond
Crystal System Hexagonal Isometric
Crystal Class
Space Group C63/mmc Fd3m

What are 3 differences between diamond and graphite?

2) It has a planar geometry. 3) In diamond, each carbon atom is sp3 hybridized and is bonded to four other carbon atoms through a sigma bond. 3) In graphite, each carbon atom is sp2 hybridized and is bonded to three other carbon atoms through a sigma bond while the fourth electron forms a Π-bond.

How long does it take for Diamond to turn into graphite?

This activation energy tells us that at 25 °C, it would take well over a billion years to convert one cubic centimeter of diamond to graphite.

Does a diamond last forever?

Over three billion years old, and nearly as old as the earth itself, a diamond is indestructible and a diamond quite literally is Forever.

What are the similarities and differences between graphite and diamond?

Diamond has a tetrahedral structure and is the hardest material known to man. There are strong covalent bonds between carbon atoms and each carbon atom is bonded to 4 other carbon atoms. Graphite has a hexagonal layered structure and each carbon is bonded via strong covalent bonds to 3 other carbon atoms.

Why is graphite softer than diamond?

This means that each carbon atom has a ‘spare’ electron (as carbon has four outer electrons) which is delocalised between layers of carbon atoms. These layers can slide over each other, so graphite is much softer than diamond.

Why are red diamonds worth so much money?

When it comes to colored diamonds, the biggest determining factor of their value is their rarity. Red is the rarest diamond color in the world. It’s so rare in fact, that it is thought that only 30 true gem quality red diamonds are known to exist.

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