Who drinks taste of diamonds?

Who is the owner of Taste of diamond?

Goût de Diamants (Taste of Diamonds), is the brainchild of 29-year-old Shammi Shinh, founder of Knightsbridge-based Prodiguer Brands. Made from 100% Grand Cru grapes, Goût de Diamants is produced at the 8-hectare, family-owned, Champagne Chapuy in Oger.

What is the taste of diamonds?

The ‘Taste of Diamonds’ Champagne is the World’s Most Expensive Bubbly. Created by luxury designer Alexander Amosu, the ‘Taste of Diamonds’ champagne has become the world’s most expensive. Its extravagant price tag boasts a worth of $1.8 million.

Who makes Taste of diamonds champagne?

Taste of Diamonds by Goût de Diamants and Alexander Amosu. One of the world’s luxury champagne brands, Goût de Diamants, has recently announced the launch of the most expensive bottle of champagne in the world, the exceptional Taste of Diamonds.

How much is the most expensive champagne in Nigeria?

The luxury bottle of champagne called Gouts de Diamants (Taste of Diamonds) is valued at 1.2million pounds (N290 million). Don Jazzy claimed to have the privilege of being the first consumer to get a bottle in Nigeria.

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What is the most expensive drink in the world?

The World’s Most Expensive Drinks Ever Sold

  • Bowmore 1957 Scotch whisky, $185,300.
  • 1869 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, $328,000.
  • Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne, $2 million.
  • The Pasión Azteca, Platinum Liquor Bottle by Tequila Ley, $USD3. …
  • Isabella Islay whisky, $USD6. …
  • The Cornish submarine cellar, unknown.


What is the most expensive alcohol in the world?

Here are 8 of The Most Expensive Bottles of Booze Ever Sold:

  • 60-Year-Old Macallan—$1,100,000. …
  • Ley Diamante Pasion Azteca Platinum Tequila—$3,500,000. …
  • Dalmore 62—$250,000. …
  • Armand de Brignac Midas—$200,000. …
  • The Macallan 64 Year Old in Lalique: Cire Perdue—$460,000. …
  • Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne—$2,000,000.

Will I die if I lick a diamond?

You can not die if you try to lick a diamond. However, a person may die if he swallows a diamond because a diamond is very hard. This can happen because the diamond has sharp edges and can cut some part of the intestine in the stomach. Diamonds do not emit toxically or release toxic substances.

Is Diamond Dust dangerous?

Diamond dust, one of the most dangerous poisons known, can kill slowly and gradually and without leaving any trace of a crime, if so used.

What the most expensive champagne?

Most Expensive Champagne

Wine Name Grape Avg Price
Henri Giraud ‘Argonne’ Ay Grand Cru Brut Rose, Champagne, France Champagne Blend $1,252
Dom Perignon Wedding, Champagne, France Champagne Blend $1,189
Louis Roederer Cristal Vinotheque Edition Brut Millesime, Champagne, France Chardonnay – Pinot Noir $1,157

What is the most expensive wine in the world?

1945 Romanee-Conti

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A bottle of French Burgundy wine became the most expensive wine ever sold at auction in 2018. It was originally estimated to sell for around $32,000; however, the seventy-plus-year-old wine sold for a record $558,000.

What is the best champagne?

The ultimate Champagne list: Top 19 Champagne brands in the world

Number Brand Best For
1 Moët & Chandon Parties
2 Veuve Clicquot Romantic moments
3 Dom Pérignon Memorable gift
4 Nicolas Feuillatte Family get-togethers

How much is a bottle of Ace of Spades?

Jay Z’s latest Ace of Spades champagne will cost $850, only 2,333 bottles available. The latest iteration of rapper Jay Z’s favorite champagne goes on sale on April 18, but only 2,333 bottles will be available in the U.S., and at a price: $850.

How much is a bottle of Moet in Nigeria?

What is the price for a bottle of Moet & Chandon? And how much is a carton of Moet & Chandon?

Product Size Unit Price (NGN)
Moet & Chandon Brut 75cl 14,520
Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial 75cl 21,690
Moet & Chandon Imperial Nectar Imperial 75cl 16,000
Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rose 75cl 18,200

How much does a bottle of champagne cost?

Expect to pay at least $55 a bottle. You can snag a nice bottle of non-vintage Champagne for between $35 and $48. A few good choices are Louis Roederer’s NV Brut Premier ($47), NV Delamotte Brut Le Mesnil-sur-Oger or Champagne Pol Roger Brut Reserve ($40), and NV J. Lassalle Brut Cachet d’Or Premier Cru ($36).

How much does Moet champagne cost?

From Champagne Moet & Chandon

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Name Grape Avg Price
Moet & Chandon Esprit du Siecle Brut, Champagne, France Champagne Blend $6,592
Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial, Champagne, France Champagne Blend $61
Moet & Chandon Share Mini Moet Brut Pack, Champagne, France Champagne Blend $699
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