Why are gem tangs so expensive?

Gem tangs are deep water fish, and they are so expensive because when they are actually caught, not very many make it to the surface, much less through all the stress of shipping.

Why are tang fish so expensive?

They are generally sold at a loss since they can’t command prices for the exact same fish coming from another locale with 5x lower shipping costs. They have to make up the loss on the profit of the handful of unique Mauritius fish – Gems, Flasher Wrasses, Gaster Clowns, etc.

Are gem tangs aggressive?

Gems can be very aggressive.

Why did yellow tangs get so expensive?

Alongside the common clownfish and some damselfish, the yellow tang is one of only a handful of quintessential saltwater aquarium fish. … It comes as a surprise to exactly no one that a dwindling supply coupled with high demand is leading to some eye-popping prices for yellow tangs that we’ve never seen before.

Are tangs worth it?

Tangs are some of the most sought-after fish in the saltwater fishkeeping hobby. They are active, attractive & provide a valuable service in chowing down on algae. … Tangs are very active swimmers and require a tank suitable for their requirements.

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What kind of fish is dory?

It has several names, including royal blue tang, regal tang and surgeonfish. Its scientific name is Paracanthurus hepatus. Like other fish, the royal blue tang is unlikely to have a bad short-term memory.

How much does a GEM Tang cost?

The average cost of a gem tang runs between $1,000-$6,000 due to the complications of their collection. When stressed, gems are prone to marine ich and Uronema – a nasty protozoan infection. They require careful treatment to prevent secondary infections.

Are gem tangs reef safe?

The Gem Tang is one of the most prized specimens of all saltwater fish for its striking color and contrast, and is also one of the most desirable Tangs for the reef aquarium. If housed properly, it is a rewarding and attractive addition to any large fish-only tank, or reef aquarium.

What do you feed tangs?

A well-balanced Tang or Surgeon Fish diet consists of:

  1. Commercial algae or algae sheets.
  2. Blanched lettuce or spinach.
  3. Marine flake or pelleted herbivore food.
  4. Bloodworms and brine shrimp (live or frozen)

Can you keep a yellow tang with a purple tang?

Purple Tangs will generally not get along with another Purple Tang. … A Yellow Tang and a Purple Tang together in the same tank is not a good idea if you only have 1 of each. There are exceptions but as a general rule, plan on them not getting along together. Have multiples of each in a large tank for them to get along.

How long do yellow tangs live?

Yellow tangs that make it to adulthood can live more than 30 years in the wild.

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Can you buy yellow tangs?

If you’re looking for some beautiful bright yellow tangs for sale, look no further! … SWFS offers yellow tangs for sale in small, medium, large and even show sizes!

Is the yellow tang endangered?

Least Concern (Population stable)

What is the easiest tang to keep?

Small Pacific blue tangs (Paracanthurus hepatus) or even sailfins (Zebrasoma veliferum) are appealing and easy to import and to maintain in a dealer’s tank, but in my opinion they should never be kept in tanks under 100 gallons (378 liters).

Do tangs like high flow?

Community Member

My tangs love high flow. They go right in front of my power heads and “ride the current” lol. Like Reeferdood said, if they don’t like the amount of flow in one area, they can always go to another where the rocks break up the flow a bit.

Are tangs good for beginners?

Yellow. The first tang I’m going to recommend for beginners is the well-known yellow tang. They can reach up to 8 inches. If you plan on keeping this fish until adulthood, it will eventually need at least an 80 gallon aquarium.

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