You asked: Does Ruby drop the charges?

Does Ruby drop charges?

After Jean (Gillian Wright) confronted Ruby, she waits with Stacey for Thin Cilla to arrive. Later, Jean catches Ruby who tells her she will call DS Barnes and drop the charges.

What’s wrong with Ruby in EastEnders?

EastEnders Soap Scoop!

Ruby (Louisa Lytton) was left devastated after she lost her baby earlier in the year, and went on to discover that she had endometriosis – which could affect her fertility. … After visiting the GP, Ruby leaves her appointment in tears, telling Jean she’s pregnant but is highly likely to miscarry.

Did Stacey push Ruby in EastEnders?

EastEnders’ Stacey Slater will prepare to learn her fate next week, as she heads to the hearing over Ruby Allen’s accident. Stacey (Lacey Turner) is facing some very serious charges, after Ruby falsely accused her of pushing her down the stairs amid an argument at the club.

Does Ruby get caught EastEnders?

If getting Martin attacked and trying to get little Arthur out of Walford wasn’t bad enough, Ruby is now caught up in a web of lies about her pregnancy and miscarriage, and, worst of all, Stacey’s role in her fall.

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Who pushed Ruby?

A couple of weeks ago Ruby discovered she had a miscarriage. The following day she got into an argument with Stacey and ended up slipping down the stairs. She later claimed Stacey pushed her down the stairs and that’s the reason she lost her baby.

Is Ruby Allen pregnant in real life?

EastEnders’ Louisa Lytton on filming her Ruby Allen baby while pregnant in real life. … The actress revealed the happy news that she’s expecting her first baby with fiancé Ben Bhanvra with an adorable clip.

Did Ruby miscarry in EastEnders?

EASTENDERS’ Ruby Allen suffers from a heartbreaking miscarriage for a second time after falling pregnant again. The nightclub owner – played by Louisa Lytton in the BBC soap – sadly lost her unborn baby earlier this year. But she tried to blame Stacey Slater for it.

How is Stacey leaving EastEnders?

Stacey Slater has made a sad exit from EastEnders as she went down for a crime she didn’t commit. Cast member Lacey Turner recently went on maternity leave from the BBC One soap to spend some precious time with her newborn son Trilby Fox.

Does Ruby lose the baby?

How did Ruby Allen lose her baby and did Stacey push her down the stairs? … And sensing there is still a spark between the exes, Ruby has made it her mission to bring down her now-enemy Stacey. But after Ruby sadly suffered a miscarriage this week, fans were shocked when she blamed Stacey for her loss.

Why does Ruby hate Stacey in EastEnders?

Ruby v Stacey

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When Ruby found out that someone had been stealing money from her account, she was surprised to discover it was jealous Stacey, who’d found out about her and Martin. Ruby told Stacey she had to stay in Walford and repay the money she stole, or she would go to the police.

Why did Ruby Allen leave EastEnders?

In July 2006, Lytton was axed from the show due to limited possibilities for the character following her on-screen father’s departure, and Ruby departed on 23 November 2006. Following Ruby’s initial departure, Lytton had expressed a disappointment in her exit, but stated that she would always be grateful for the role.

Does Jean die in EastEnders?

EastEnders’ Jean ‘to tragically die as she confirms she only has months to live’ Jean Slater tragically confirmed that her cancer had returned – and that she only has months left to live on EastEnders. … At the end of tonight’s episode, Jean addressed her family and friends in a video she made on her phone.

How long is Stacey leaving EastEnders?

Stacey leaves in episode 5965, originally broadcast on 2 August 2019, after attacking Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), and returns in episode 6133, originally broadcast on 21 September 2020. Turner took a second maternity leave in 2021 and Stacey departs in episode 6247, originally broadcast on 1 April 2021.

Will Stacey return to EastEnders?

A tearful Stacey eventually gave in and handed herself in, leaving behind daughter Lily and mum Jean. But she may only serve six months of her year long prison sentence, with Lacey sharing on Instagram that she will be back ‘soon’.

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