You asked: How do you get jewels in Code Veronica Tiger?

Well go to the save room and turn off the electric power for that floor. Normally the electric door wont open, but now you can go through the double doors, and since electricity is off, the tiger wont move so you can get both jewels.

Where is the red jewel in Resident Evil Code Veronica?

Location. On the tiger statue inside the Sterilization room.

How do you get the golden Luger code in Veronica?

The Gold Lugers can be first be found in the Screening room in the area behind the bookshelf that moves after watching the film that plays. They take up 2 spaces of inventory and picking up the Lugers here will activate a trap that will lock Claire in the room.

Where do you use the security code in Veronica?

A card used to release the security lock. A blue plastic card key from the Security File. This card key is used to get past the iron bars in the Hall of Armors of the Antarctic Transport Terminal.

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How do you get the serum code in Veronica?

The serum you will find at the location where you found the Magnum ( re: where you had to put out the fire).. Its on the shelf on the right handside when you go down the lift to the lower level.

How do you use the detonator in Code Veronica?

Purpose. It’s placed into the ammo locker which is in front of the corpse it was acquired from. The Lighter is needed for detonation, this will reveal three boxes of handgun rounds. Both Chris and Claire can do this interaction depending on who has the Lighter.

Is Luger a brand?

The design was first patented by Georg Luger. It was meant to be an improvement of the Borchardt C-93 pistol, and was initially produced as the Parabellum Automatic Pistol, Borchardt-Luger System by the German arms manufacturer Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM).

Luger pistol
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Where do I use the silver dragonfly code in Veronica?

A silver dragonfly object, it looks like the wings can be detached. If you examine this object, you can detach its wings. Doing so means you can then use this object in the slot in the Play Room of the Ashford Private Residence.

How do you escape Steve in Code Veronica?

There is way to escape from him with only 1 healing item: when you gain control, run towards him and run around him(from left to right) and then he runs againts the wall for a brief moment. He gets only one hit on you when you are escaping…

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How do you get the Magnum in Resident Evil Code Veronica?

The magnum is found in Antarctica during Chris’s part of the game. In the room where you fill up the fire extinguisher, take the lift down and then use the extinguisher on the fire to get through the area and obtain the magnum.

What does poison do in Resident Evil?

Although being poisoned won’t kill you outright, that is still a nasty little list of ailments. You simply won’t be in a fit state of health to deal with everything the game throws at you. If poison drains your health enough, one hit in that critical state and you’re a goner.

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