You asked: What does the Jack of Diamonds mean spiritually?

The Jack of Diamond is either wholly material, or highly spiritual, or a curious and incomprehensible mixture of the two. The Jack of Diamond is very money conscious and will always find a way to get it. They are mentally keen; sharp and clever, and are always looking for (and finding) the thing that pays off.

What does the five of diamonds represent?

Fives represent Changes, Variety, Opportunity, Travel, Escape and fluctuating Life Experience. As a result, the Five Of Diamonds people are usually hard working with a tendency to perfectionism. … Watch out from being too rigid a task-master.

What does the queen of diamonds mean spiritually?

Queens represent the spiritual nature of man and the principle of birth. They have the authority equal to that of the Kings, proving that the true rulership is both masculine and feminine. When the Queen of Diamonds learns the true values, they can live a life they dream of. …

What does the 3 of diamonds represent?

With its representation of the “Past, Present and Future,” the three diamond ring meaning also symbolizes “Friendship, Love and Fidelity,” making it that much more special when gifting a three stone engagement ring to your bride-to-be.

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What does 7 diamonds mean?

The 7 of Diamond is a card necessarily associated with money – for good or ill, little or much. It is a card of power and accomplishment. And for those who have not acquired a sense of value, it is known as the Card of “Wine, Women and Song”

What does a king of spades mean?

King of Spades is a Crown authority of Wisdom and Mastery. They are born on the first day of the year, the top card in the deck. King of Spades represents the ultimate spiritual energy and wisdom. … Some of King of Spades people are big enough to meet their opportunities.

What does King of Hearts mean in tarot?

Kings are usually the most sympathetic and understanding people. … They know subconsciously that power depends upon cooperation, and whatever life they lead, their best work is done in partnership. They always have a sense of authority, but it seldom leads to domination.

What does a queen of diamonds tattoo mean?

Queen of Diamond Meaning: Domination in the Realm of Values Karma ~ Financial Security At All Cost. Some of our greatest philanthropists are the Queen of Diamonds.

What does a queen of spades represent?

Card reading

In cartomancy, the queen of spades is considered to be a sign of intelligence. It is representative of judgment that is practical, logical, and intellectual. It represents a woman who is creative and makes her plans ahead of time.

What does the eight of diamonds mean?

Eight of Diamond are independent and hard-working. They are able to penetrate through any perceived barrier to acquire the knowledge they seek. They lack patience with stupidity but are otherwise very patient. Theirs is a gentle energy, enveloped in an aggressive desire to express themselves and create a better life.

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What are the three diamonds of life?

  • Planetary Sequence for the 3 of Diamonds.
  • Mercury Card is Ace of Spades. 3 of Diamonds are seekers of justice and truth. …
  • Venus Card is 7 of Cups. …
  • Mars card – 7 of Diamonds. …
  • Jupiter Card is 5 of Spades. …
  • Saturn Card is Jack of Cups. …
  • Uranus Card is 9 of Clubs. …
  • Neptune Card is 9 of Spades.

What does the 3 of diamond mean in tarot?

When the 3 of Diamond use the lionhearted strength of their soul card, their influence inspires greatness and optimism in others.

What does 9 diamonds mean?

In 18th-century Scotland, the nine of diamonds was sometimes called the “Justice Clerk”, and was considered to be the most unlucky card in the pack.

What does Jack of Diamonds mean?

Jack of Diamonds Meaning: The Enterprising Trader.

What does the jack of clubs represent?

This emblem is symbolic of the entertainer drawn toward promoting what is known. In an ideal world, the Jack of Club is a vessel for all sorts of knowledge and spins what it finds into useful threads of ideas for others to enjoy. The soul-nature of the Jack of Club is the harbinger of ideas.

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