You asked: What TM is Thunderbolt in Emerald?

TM24 (Thunderbolt) can be bought from the Mauville City Game Corner. Hope this helps!

Where is TM thunderbolt in Emerald?

2 Answers. All three moves can be found in the Mauville City Game Corner for 4,000 coins. Whilst, TM13 Ice Beam can also be found in the Abandoned Ship Storage Room, and TM24 Thunderbolt can be found when switching off the Mauville Power Generator.

What TM is Thunderbolt?


TM# and Name Description Buy
TM 24 – Thunderbolt Electric attack
TM 25 – Thunder Electric attack
TM 26 – Earthquake Ground attack
TM 27 – Fissure Ground attack

What is TM 24 in Emerald?

TM24 is: Thunderbolt in Generation 1 and Generations 3-7. Dragon Breath in Generation 2.

Where can I get Thunderbolt TM?


Location Sell price
RSE Mauville City, Mauville Game Corner 1500
FRLG Rocket Game Corner 1500
Colo. Mt. Battle 1500
XD Cipher Key Lair, Mt. Battle 1500

What TM is Ice Beam?

Ice Beam is an Ice-type move introduced in Generation I. It is TM13 in all generations but Generation II. In Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, it is available as TM51.

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What is TM 38?

TM38 (item)

TM38 is: Fire Blast in Generations 1-7. Thunder in Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee.

What is TM 37?

TM37 (item)

TM37 teaches a move to a compatible Pokémon. TM37 is: Egg Bomb in Generation 1. Sandstorm in Generations 2-7.

Is discharge better than Thunderbolt?

They both have 100 accuracy but Thunderbolt hits for 90 with a 10% chance to paralyze while Discharge hits for 80 with a 30% chance to paralyze. IMO it seems like Discharge is better, with the -10 power for +20% paralysis trade-off.

Is Thunder better than Thunderbolt?

As kick-ass attacks go, Thunder is pretty krappy. It does the same amount of damage as other top of the line elemental attacks, but it is very inaccurate. … Thunderbolt is far more reliable and is likely to finish off your opponent faster than Thunder.

What is TM 32?

Soyuz TM-32 was a crewed Russian spacecraft which was launched on April 28, 2001, and docked with the International Space Station two days later. … The Soyuz TM-32 remained docked to the station until October; during this time it served as the lifeboat for the crew of Expedition 2 and later for the crew of Expedition 3.

What is TM 23?

TM23 is: Dragon Rage in Generation 1. Iron Tail in Generations 2-4. Smack Down in Generations 5-7.

What is TM 13?

TM13 is a TM introduced in Generation I. TM13. Generation I. Ice Beam.

Can raichu learn Thunderbolt?

Raichu can learn Thunderbolt at the Move Relearner.

How do I use Thunderbolt Software?

Approving a device using the Intel’s Thunderbolt Software (Older systems)

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Who can learn Thunderbolt?

Move tutor

Pokémon Generation
Jolteon Jolteon can learn Thunderbolt in Pokémon Crystal
Porygon Porygon can learn Thunderbolt in Pokémon Crystal
Snorlax Snorlax can learn Thunderbolt in Pokémon Crystal
Zapdos Zapdos can learn Thunderbolt in Pokémon Crystal
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