You asked: Who bought the second largest diamond?

Louis Vuitton has just bought the world’s second-largest diamond, another sign of the French brand’s ambitions in the luxury jewelry market. The 1,758-carat rough diamond, which was recovered by Lucara Diamond Corp in Botswana last April, is dark in color and about the size of your palm.

Who owns the second largest diamond in the world?

The second-largest is Cullinan II or the Second Star of Africa, weighing 317.4 carats (63.48 g), mounted in the Imperial State Crown. Both are part of the Crown Jewels.

Cullinan Diamond.

The rough diamond
Weight 3,106.75 carats (621.350 g)
Original owner Premier Diamond Mining Company
Owner Elizabeth II in right of the Crown

Who bought the second largest diamond in the world in January 2020?

by Vanessa Friedman The New York Times | January 26, 2020 at 1:56 a.m. The 1,758-carat Sewelo diamond, which has been bought by Louis Vuitton, is shown in an undated image provided by the fashion house.

What is the 2nd largest diamond in the world?

An estimate of the stone’s potential cost has not yet been released but in 2017, the second-largest diamond ever found, Lesedi La Rona, was sold for $53m (£39.5m).

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How much did Louis Vuitton pay for the diamond?

for over $16 billion. “Nobody expects us to put such an emphasis on high jewelry,” Michael Burke, chief executive officer of Louis Vuitton said, according to the New York Times. “I think it will spice things up a bit. Wake up the industry.”

Is Kohinoor diamond cursed?

The Koh-i-Noor diamond – which means “mountain of light” is the perfect example of a cursed gem, owned by numerous rulers over the years who all too often lost their empires and their lives. It is said to have put a curse on men who owned it dating as far back as 1306.

Who owns the world’s diamonds?

De Beers

Area served Worldwide
Key people Mark Cutifani (Chairman) Bruce Cleaver (CEO)
Products Diamonds
Services Diamond mining and marketing
Revenue US$6.08 billion (2018)

Is Kohinoor the biggest diamond in the world?

“Mountain of light”), also spelt Kohinoor and Koh-i-Nur, is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, weighing 105.6 carats (21.12 g). … It is part of the British Crown Jewels.

What is the world’s most expensive diamond?

So what are the most expensive diamonds?

  1. The Koh-I-Noor — Unknown.
  2. The Cullinan — Up to $2 billion. …
  3. The Hope Diamond — $200-$250 million. …
  4. The Centenary Diamond — $100 million. …
  5. The Pink Star — $71.2 million. …
  6. The Winston Blue — $23.8 million. …
  7. The Wittelsbach Diamond — $23.4 million. …
  8. The Perfect Pink — $23.2 million. …


Does Louis Vuitton use real diamonds?

At Vuitton we love diamonds and we love to cut it in different ways. We have the LV Cut, the rose cut, little beads. It’s all about using diamonds. We like for our pieces to be beautiful outside as well as inside.

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